Travelin in the antique ships

What an amazing experience my 20E+10 freedom tour has been. I ONLY COMPLETED ONE FESTIVAL THUS FAR, and so it is exciting to think how much more of summer that is to happen.

So i get a surprising call from the prince of the universe from the hawaiian galaxy, and he tells me of the planned attack on Americas southern shores. OF COURSE I NOTIFY the new King of the Universe (my brother Bobby) and he makes haste to head back to the SSBoston in time to help Auto Orbit negotiate hostage releases from the southern pirate fleet.
Successfully, ringpops boy Slinky recues the 2nd prince of elves, who now is the standing leader of the Elven nation. Through a campfire drum circle of song, merriment and freestylin… Vast verbal and the faerie godmother successfully test the music playing hoodie armor. It is almost a success until the great bratt pratt, loses the pirate flag that was stolen from adam. However the successful defenses of the FGMs music playing Diesel hoodie helps allocate the necessary sponsers the furth the project in the fifth dimension.

Meanwhile, the princess of the universe is hiding out in small rag tag cities resembling ancient western towns. Her goal is to continue ooperating as the Avatar Obama and continue working for human freedom rights. Her scientists successfully deployed enough robotic drones and doogybots to the surrounding planets to keep her information up to date and of high modem speed.

The young warrior princess Namika was enjoying her time home from the war, but made certain to keep her dimensional ally ways open to be ready in case any enemy attacked her newly formed star civilization. She was proud how her new colony resorted so heavily on the Earth concept. Many of her human specimans survived the shock of transition from the data sequencing program of the Matrix into the real world of the future.

In her lifetime in the great span of Destiny and starhisorically mapping… The Earth planet had finally regenerated to its original form and the sun star it revolved around was still bright and able to support a habbitable eco-system on its dominion. The human civilization had waited billions of years for this day… The day they would finally be able to return home.

Still the prince of the universe was constructing his existance in the timeframe of great galactic struggle… When an alien race claiming to be from the future tried to invade Earth, but really captured and pirated the planet for specimans, water and food. One of their ships was successfully brought down, but it landed in the gulf of Mexico where it spilled billions of gallons of oil into our ocean.

Fortunately the media covered up the galactic castastrophe, and many of Earth’s inhabitants (eco-slaves) were spared the break in realities. THE SYSTEM EXPLAINED IT AS AN OIL LEAK FROM AN UNDERGROUND WELL. THEN THE REBELS USED THEIR CODE TO HELP REMINIPULATE THE PROGRAMMED MATRIX PRISONERS.

The resistance of sublimia translated the direct communication from their mother ship and knew the day of hacking and full internet attack was a mild success. Many of the robots in the Onslaught Army were now destroyed and soon the last few colonies of Human Battery Camps would bE raded and the lifeforms freed. K9 had bailed on her for the Nativa mission, but she knew shed have reinforcement from her girl Pops. KyLE was also expected to rondezvous in Maine with her on the Independence day.

The following weekend she was to head south… To where her brother Bobb had gained a strong foothold in enemy territory. THEIR MISSION WAS TO FREE THE SLAVES AT all Good, take back the energy crystals the pirates stole and conquer the WV. After that confernce with the remaining rougue robotic colonies to try and negotite peace while attending this year’s glorious Camp Bisco where the true King of the Universe will sport the new Crown of Order.

RUMOR had it that the banished prince would not be attending Bisco. The Princess of the Universe still hoped her love would lighten her former love’s path, but new the hope of young men a many needed her to be single. She knew she’d never love again, another who dared to find her heart. SHE TRADED HER HEART for eternal life aboard the SSNY, and the spirit of her soul only awoke when provoked by whiskey.

THE KNOT she tied to her vow, to wed him not by smoking now. The airbending mastered she had cast her spell to repel the future King of the Universe, as so her father the Now King of the Universe would hold his throne forever.

OF COURSE EVERY PUPPETMASTER has their prized dummy, and so the wicked, heartless princess turned to the fair lands of beauty and strung along each willing and doteful man, until she found another, younger pet project to play with.

ART Fact: (Her diety was represented by the cyclops cat, who uses their surrounding to color their I and lay claim to all who enter her vision)

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2 responses to “Travelin in the antique ships”

  1. Girl, you are straight brilliant and crazy. If I had known what you were thinking when we were philosophizing the other day, perhaps I could’ve contributed more to your story.

    So what ever happened to Saint Joseph… whose turn tables of time cracked the sky and let loose the crazy lightening show at last year’s Camp Bisco?


    • He vowed to never show face at Camp Bisco again because the power is too great… even for him as the USER CODE NAME GOBU… but rumor has it that he might change his mind

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