TIME that is.

It seems like eons ago when I was sittin on a beach in Hawaii pretending to be in a galaxy far, far away… In another time, another life.

I remember the grueling walks home from work, with my steady and trustworthy backpack slung over my shoulders. I remember thinkin how it would be good practice for tour season… Festival season.

NOW here I am… Back on the East Coast and livin the dream… No wait… Livin my dream… Like a hollywood actress and retired rockstar turned pro painter… Only my career hasn’t even begun! Ok well now it has.

Let’s review…

I CAME HOME TO THE BEAUTIFUL WEATHER OF SUMMERTIME IN UPSTATE NEW YORK… planted myself in my parents front yard and appreciated Mariaville lake’s natural beauty. I PAINTED MOUNT RAINIER and thought perhapps someday Imd move to Seattle.

THEN I LEFT the comfort of home and set out to Strange Creek music festival where I sold out of artwork and realized my calling.

I THEN RETURNED to heavenly Cape Cod where I learned my broken heart was indeed dead, locked away in a chest fathoms below icy waters, however reuinted with my pup Cassidy, I began to realize love without a heart was possible.

NOW i am on Long Island and visiting my family, old college buddies and creating a new stockpile of mind blowing masterpieces. PHISH at SPAC has me headed for home, and I am eagerly awaiting Dirty Paris’s after party.

I AM HOPING TO SELL ALL OF MY PIECES this weekend and use the proceeds to buy new contacts and go to a super psy-trance 4 day festy with my boy Justin next weekend.

I AM RAISING the prices on my newer stuff… Well simply cause it is soooo heady. Still, making art affordable is always my priority… And being original. So check it…

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