Back to the War…

marble headed man
take a bite out of world

Back to the War—–

The smell of victory was that of true roses being smelled because time stopped. NAMIKA was proud of the Spanish Starmadda, the Grate Brazillian Briggadeers and the American Starfleet. BOBBY and KyLE led a most successful reign as rulers of the Universe, and became Legendary for freeing the Humans for LIFE.

ARTiFacial Intelligence replaced the AI industry and together humans and robots worked harmoniously to further develop science, technology, engineering and Further their Antiquity of their breed… Their model # or their family.

SCHOOL SYSTEMS no longer depended on the children within the institution to be drained as batteries, as the solar projects and wind resources were utilized in all Leading Mastercraft Star ships. THE ENGINEERING OF star Cruisers and Plomojets skyrocketed (pun totally intended) once the cyborgs shared with the humans their revolutionary methods of teaching and data transfer.

Of course there really is the one helen keller of robots we all (and by we.. I am referring to us cyborgs, computers, cellphones and future geeks) have to thank for the successful integration of our two worlds.

In a letter that says it best I will quote:

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