The last galactic conference

wormtown 2010

surprisingly enough, K9 and I have been getting along fabulously since we departed the New York galaxy. It has been a long, somewhat strange trip. Many hours just kicking it in the spaceship, shooting the shit and sharing stories. He is a fabulous man, and holds the qualities of any famous hero. I am glad my father choose him to protect me on these missions.

I, namika, am going the worm stronghold at camp kee-wanee to interlate and discuss the terms of galactic peace. the YoBunny nation is still leaning toward war and exhile of the humans, but the Boston region has done more lately to keep peace between the robots and humans.

K9 is aligned with the aliens and future race of evolved human species, however he remains loyal to my father, King Time, and to me. As princess of America, I continue to exercise all my brain capabilities in the matrix systems, hoping to acheive new breakthroughs in communication and technology. With the help of Anthony Thogmartin, and his digital sound engineers Papadosio, I have successfully dupelapped 2011-13… So at least the destruction of Earth will be delayed for a while, and the mass media synched with my father’s company.

DOPAPOD successfully integrated the Boston and New York space ships to the same duplexing sequencers of operation, while Auto Orbit still hacks on federation spyware and brindle bicking. The droids are wishy washy on state of affairs as their simple 3d graphic and programming modules limit their brain sequence level of consciousness. Not to mention they are inadept when it comes to unique processing.

The aliens are pleased with the marraige. The Queen of the Universe and King John bask in the legalities of a sham marriage to keep his highness in power, however it is their fourth dimensional entities who reap the benefits. In the future, the prince of the universe marries the princess so that she may stay in his “dimensional community”. Yet, none of these marraiges compare to mine.

So i have learned, my husband from the future, cloned his DNA and sent back in time a version of himself to encounter me in the present, and help me change the history of mankind. HE COULDNT COME BACK AS HIMSELF, although I suspect that not true, so he sent a modified clone in his place. The clone was to help steer my energy toward the universal train, sieze control of the command, and takeover. I was essentially destroying the chance of Earth.

The paradox obviously, how can my life in the future ever exist if circumstances in the past were to prevent the future from happening? We will soon see how that works out. I feel a bit sad, knowing that when k9 and I finally complete this last mission that he will no longer be able to return to his life in the alien realm of density. IT saddens me to think I Will never meet or marry my original future husband.

The music is ending. I must send this transmisiion.

One response to “The last galactic conference”

  1. Ur husband from the future??? who is telling u these stories??? come back down to earth and listen, look and feel. u r home so make the most of what u got and who u r with now

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