The wrath of sheer energy

In the form of man…

Since the twighlight of the ion galaxy, we have found ourselves on a special galactic mission for the king. This mission is scheduled to come to fruition on the 22nd of october in the Boston galaxy, where my brother Kyle will interview my current suitor to see if he is worthy of my hand.

Kyle, being all prince of the universe-like, has created a special aura work up over his new band auto orbit. Russel’s use of the Kings name in such controversial methods of music comm had landed them stranded in 5009 ad… As the ban of 5010 kept them from traveling back in time, in time, to get a track on the legendary cd from the future. Of course, Bobby convinced father time to let me bring one of their tracks back for my 28th birthday CD release show of December Rnd, 2010.

The intergalactic event will feature live performances by auto orbit, dirty paris and dopapod. It is my biggest project to date, and I worry a tad I might not have enough time to translate all the quadralateral duplexing sequences. Whew, that was close.

K9 AND I are currently attending a meyors banquet of the rebel zombie nation. Led to the Grave, a cape cod band, kicked off the ceremony with a riveting,energy exhuberating performance. A ZOMBIE MILITANT ALMOST GOT ME, BUT k9 Was quick to intervene and intercept the attack.

I have recovered from my gunshot and military wounds inflicted at the wormton trading post. I barely escaped the battlement with the necessary data and files. Thank god for jeff bujaks email, which correlated my fifth to ninth dimensional progress. I have yet to receive data reports of the success of the mission.

K9 is figting hard right now, and my father’s hold in this galaxy remains directly linked to this young, brave warriors success. His main job is to protect me, as I am the heir to the universal throne… But only after i am wed to the divinely choosen and energized suitor. My father’s enemy, remains in power through the smoking machines. If I can successfully terminate the sub-systems within the constructed conspirator gateways, then the federation will be run on the fifth dimension by the intergalactic pirate briggade. However, my love for their captin has so far delayed my transmissions and haulted my work.

I must remain true to my opeople and continue on the galactic counsil’s scheduled meetings of minds. The entire human species depends on my work. The American starfleet heeds my command, and my future husband dares to challenge every move I make, as I wish to change the past to pick a better, wiser suitor. I DO NOT WANT THE EARTH DESTROYED, and my weaponry work on the top secret ultimate weapon is nearing completion. I have quit smoking and am reclaiming billions by the bits graphic work.

I have my freedom at last, but my soul is being torn to shreds… To feed the newborn kids raising their lives in dead end battery cells in the future race ships. Eventually my millitary forces will be strong enough to attack the artificial lifeform’s society and ships. Eventually I will see the day ALL HUMANS freed from the battery camps and slave compounds. No longer will human body parts be raised and sold to bionic builders.

The show is done. That is all i can say for noww. Wish me luck, namika
princess of America
(humanities first intergalactic community)

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