One story never to forget

BBC- no memory left computer

“This is to be the most difficult of realizations,” said the chip in her mouth. The girl ate slowly because she didn’t want to miss a single note of flavor. She enjoyed the taste of food too much, and usually ate without thinking and so she rarely processed the information her FOUR FATHERS programmed into the prepared packaged treats. It was all coming back to her… the memories of the future (or of the PAST depending on when you are reading this). She couldn’t explain to anyone the truth of what happened so, so long ago….

Still she wondered if any of it was real or perhaps it was ALL imagined. The countries, the histories… all the people she envisioned living great lives before her… all the stories told and still her mortal eyes were lying. If she was a robot, then she was most certainly deaf and blind. The advancements in the field of science and technology helped her grow into their world of existance and she became the “Helen Keller” of the cyborgs.

The sister planet of Earth finally had a breakthrough in MASS communication when they discovered her existance on the REAL Earth. Using the system integrated in the old colony, researchers were able to fine tune into the feed. The girl was the key. She had accessed their mainframe and was able to translate ENGLISH into binary and send the necessary signals back with only a 6 month delay!

The scientists and engineers were working fast and harder to improve the speed of PLAY, for as a goddess, she was most desperate to get off from work and enjoy some time to herself. She was still heartbroken from Ruckus.

Uncomfortable, damp and hard to breathe. She had met HIM and realized they were the only two humans on the sister planet. The only two beings of pure flesh to survive the… what???… she couldn’t remember… they still controlled parts of her brain. He hated her, for she had to wake him up to the reality of their situation and she hated him because he refused to love her. She couldn’t blame him for his hatred… she knew it was the robots masterful role to keep him as far away from her as possible.

They were once normal kids, roaming the planet in search of their destiny, but he was kidnapped and enlisted into the rebel army against the future race of intelligence. She followed him into space and dedicated her genius to the rebel forces. Secretly the two humans fought for their lives, true liberty and freedom of their race.

They were winning until the day he was captured by the Federation. She was tortured with worry and threatened by the high council of Elders to forfeit her rights on the sister planet. They offered her a deal she could not refuse, so she surrendered her knowledge to the system. Bargained his freedom for her brain and engineer expertise. They let him go and he returned to his space ship Cape Cod where she met him with open arms and tears of love. She had worked so hard for peace. She wanted the war to end and for both societies to live integrationally constructive.

For a while it worked out ok. She worked very hard on their projects and was soon given the title of Captain of the grandest ship of all… the NYC. She was doing great, but her success drove their relationship to crash. She had her own ship to navigate and rarely had the time off to spend with him, and every time she did he never appreciated it. She was heartbroken, but determined not to let her emotions stand in the way of the fight.

It was at the intergalactic conference of Camp Bisco when she was hijacked by the alien robots. They threw her in the brig and laughed in her face through a tube once known as TV. They hacked her mind for ideas to entertain their prisoners and gain more control over the humans on earth. They made her eat tainted food to limit her brain function and they fed her to her once beloved crew of renegades…

Once captain of the pirate briggade, Sir Pretzel did not take kindly to the girl’s presence aboard their ship. The new Captain Sir Bo, was a bit more patient. He took her to the end of the earth on a fishing expedition that would once again begin to save the humans from themselves.

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