Princess Woes, home

AlLways to be better. . . Tomorrow is not a promise.

Pretty Lights

She remembered that brushing teeth was not an option, that a shower, shave and clothing change optional, but teeth rotted at a faster rate in space. 3 to 4 times daily, floss evry 24 hrs… her injury from a year ago when her front tooth knocked loose. Oh she coukdnt wait to see her beloved pup.

Last night was monkey fist so she dlept after noon the next day. Tonight, sick day, cuz we sll nedd 1. Laundry, payday and small craft travel. Nervousness.

Ok goin to sleep, wtf, stupid dopplegsnger wannabe pincide, hijacked 2 hrs.

Age is added w birthday celebration of aged person towards current galactic sge of the fsiry godmother, approx same as doin the long formula.

Fgm turned 308 on 2 19 2017

Circle K becomes the only civilization for days travel, spaceships r lime seashops but less wavy.


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