So close

Tapped yet free remembering to be happy

… mund skips forward and remembers the past.. all i know is living on an island is my favorite and traveling through time and in outerspace through wormholes is exciting. The 100 has kept pace with me but remarkably i beat them to the ideas but my ideas are so much grander and yet i must remain silent. Hula hoop to power a real time time machine. Teaching a forgetful nelly how to properly wipevan ass… lmao… time teavel catches up physically eventually

It is important some humans understand how and when they are traveling through outerspace vs working in the office. And how this effects animals too. Poor Brownie… i dont know how to reverse aging and ufo damage… outhere in dpacd… livingnon a metal idland in a cspsule travrling FTL… but it just feels like a lazy summer day.

Se hot me a new phone… shd br sble to take a holf of oportunity . I need to move srt, mske art and keep sane.

“Gotta get your head right.” Sir Biron Brian of Tuns Tribesmen always told.

Just nrver belueved the years would past so fast… lucky Cheese is used to it and mastered not missing mevtoo much. Poor Brownie misses him a lot. Tryna to dpeed up to hsppily ever after… after what? The workd’s end? Urgh… this nee way of lifr is so bizarre and enhances my oerception of the melding of the true past vs. The told past… we were told it hsppened but the leveld of communication run deep like dna and hoe we see whst we hear is just as important to a higher intellegent advanced civilization thst lives atop humans amongst us completely undetected.

Erything depends on the core stayinv

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