Update: welcome to the new age

So my king of My universe decided to tell me to,

Quote leave 2015 and come to 20/20 and embraced a phone without buttons

and so unlike the Galaxy I left behind this new frontier of Google assimilation and God only knows how smart of artificial intelligence has opened up a whole new world of possibilities freeing up my time in the everyday world at the mediocracy of typing on buttons with clumsy thumbs missing letters and forever and ever and ever being missing to the people that I love. so now I have this chance to catch up on everything digital while living in the real world and documenting actualize events in decent quality photos.

and so you will see more stories on this site now that I can just speak my stories to this beautiful device who I still have not named and hopefully free up my mind so that my heart can create art. there’s a calling inside me of a deep blue sea and underwater fantasy that’s paralleled by an endless voyage of outer space adventures and that no constraint of time would ever hold back my imagination. so tell me again what the 100 series on the CW is going to start tell me about in August because all the ideas I have experienced recently have just been flooding my mind and I haven’t even had a second to write anything down. but it’s always good when I watch TV and I see that my ideas have caught up to me and I just sit there in reality watching my dreams unfold in that square little TV. and multiple monitors multiple TVs multiple ways that I could see realities and still yet my heart yearns for only one man one who I know is the best of the land the one who I know is that firing the sea he is the one and only the someone called cheese.

So far so good the phones keeping up and everybody’s sleeping but I am still up it is not 3:17 in the morning like it usually is when I’m conducting such crazy fairy godmother biz. And as I believe and I start to dream but I want it for myself like strawberries with cream and my poor little doggie his tummy still aches but he’ll come running if that whipped cream canister shakes. just like a hippie when he hears the nitrous my dog brownie comes running excited and it breaks my heart that I can’t give any to him because he has some crazy irritable bowel syndrome.

Time for me passes so strangely as hours go by like minutes but they seem to pass like seconds because everyday is just so similar and different and just a little bit that it’s easy to forget how much time passages happened. And the only thing to gauge how life on earth goes by is the weather outside and which way do the birds fly. right now it feels as though it’s almost midsummer the nights are long but the mosquitoes come out what a bummer you paragraph and I keep reflecting about all of my life’s past adventures and all of the wonderful people I met and I keep thinking there’s still more to come there’s the best yet.

and it wasn’t too long ago on my quest for perfection that I found someone who reminded me of Christ Resurrection. I kid you not I thought he was God but then I realized it was just a facade and something about my creative mind let me believe for a second that I had fallen out of time and I had travel to the Future that had cities much like those of the past it was like if they had been transported into the future but I couldn’t figure it out at last I had to give up and I said whatever what the f*** this is a cool phone. You paragraph and I keep pushing my luck wondering if I’m going to stretch out this phone’s PCU CPU I see you you stink PU and I can’t help but remember what wonderful times I had with such wonderful people play word games with the people in the lands with music on a festival setting I just realized hopefully someday in the future of humanity will have fun with this exploration and science.

So I live you with this no more clumsy thumbsy on the keyboard and no more missing out stories I’m we’re going to get that website up and we’re going to get that artwork done and we are going to get Brownie feeling better if it’s the last thing I do under this sun. The grandson of the Sun oh what a character but now for the next adventure and hopefully the restoration of planet Earth.

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