Another BBC so the next season of TV.. dimensionality through the sea

So this type of work can be very very very confusing but when it stops so do the idea flow so to keep the ideas flowing through the TV messages in the bottle must be sent out to the sea and it doesn’t matter how you read it or how you say it it will always be happening.

and the energy all around us can be transformed and molded and what we hope for will manifest and what we fear might just do its best to try to stand in your own way is something you got to stop. and if you don’t believe in love you should now because love is all we have left that makes this world that’s been left bereft full of beauty something we need to accept. So let the world not end today or any other day on my watch and here is another story and we have no vessel still but it will get out there somehow and translated to the masses in the most entertaining way possible I have no doubt.

You tube playlist summer 2020 plays and reminds the spiral of life and all the moments of magical memories. Do many in love, and so so many on islands. I miss Hawaii and the Keys of Florida today, but mostly I miss the island life on Mosquito Lagoon when love was young and new and technology was only there to charge our phones and play music. We suffered the heat and the biting bugs together and saw the stars as clear as can be right through the tent’s ceiling… Escaping constraints of reality. #islandlifeforever

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