The return of the BBC without the booze

Long before time there was love and love was as endless as outer space. The oceans of Earth were magical teleportation capable to manifest dreams and manifest storylines.

The princess stranded on the island with bountiful stores of booze in glass bottles would write messages to her live and tales of the outer worlds and throw them to the sea in hopes someday they may reach…

The faerie history was spun of mermaid song and on land the fairys would relinquish their lands to man, but they still held magic and thus were truly in charge. The fairys lived amongst the men and yet we’re invisible to most, some trippers could see and know them and every now and then a mortal would capture a magolical creatures interest…

Even when the Earth was harvested by another humanoid race from a distant time and place, the fairies remained hidden, but the enchanted princess on the line island had to write down the history and so it was told in a message to the sea…

Yet this truthhadbeen revealed by an ancient wizard, druid and so she gave his spirit the credit he deserved and choosing to honor all he had attempted in his time to unite the men and faerie world.. but he may have failed then only to setup the future, of now, which will ultimately prevail. For men needed the fairies to overcome their captors from outer space.

And still the true heir to the entire universe was so confused.

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