ferry Fairy godmothers are like vegan burgers in the world of magic

Standing with the light at my back and looking at my shadow I held my arms up and my favorite t-shirt made my shadow look like an all-powerful wizard or druid. So before that a microsecond or so, I thought to myself maybe I need to be a druid and take my magic a little further because I can trust myself with it now and not get sucked into you know all the dark stuff that can come with magic.

It’s really interesting is how everything I’ve thought of lived or dreamed has somehow manifested into my reality to give me a quick gratification on a story that might have otherwise been left untold if it had been left up to me to produce a right. Or write I guess my words could be a little clearer for this artificial intelligence that likes to type. So I said tonight to the mermaid of the land actually I could say peninsula but she was from the mainland the Midwest, I said to her tonight that the day voice to text artificial intelligence understands where to put punctuation in a sentence, will be the day.

Then I realize

That could be the day that I turn into a druid but I said it would be on another dimension because druids don’t exist in this reality but then I had this ambitious thought of being the first one in thousands of years to occupy 3rd dimensional space in a physical body as a human on Earth in whatever year it happens. I mean I appreciate the second chance and having a magical life, and all that being a fairy godmother has bestowed upon my time here on Earth and also in various spaceships throughout different time. So I guess to want to dabble in magic on a more powerful scale would be risky for someone like me but all of the lessons this life has taught me has brought me to this pinnacle and yes it immediately makes me think of creamsicle flavored vodka drinks. Because my favorite drink one summer was orange juice and pinnacle whipped vodka on fresh ice. I’ve always been a sucker for shaved ice and have always loved a good drink where presentation mattered. I could compare alcoholism and magic use but that wouldn’t be fun and definitely not as much fun as using either.

In some ways traveling on a spaceship and the price of water is equivalent to the audacity to ask for water from a bartender on a busy Friday night. it was very easy to overlap traveling on a spaceship and occupying time space on Earth in a bar and it seemed that many a human didn’t mind traveling that way especially if they actually believe they were in a bar and drinking beer not their own urine to survive the long trip. some people can’t handle traveling in outer space and they need constant blood transfusion but that’s no fun who wants to live in a reality where you’re constantly worried about dying and your health when you could just live in a fun reality and drink a bunch of wine for x amount of hours and wake up feeling however you feel because let’s face it all the blood transfusions will help but a person who isn’t meant to travel that far in space or under those circumstances is going to have physical ailments the next morning that will behold mimic the classic hangover from Earth that you see in movies and television from the I think 1970s and on.

Me et on a spaceship that’s f****** weird s*** because you know animals would be really expensive to raise on spaceships and the price of real animal meat would be astronomical so when you’re under the influence of a matrix program and you’re eating a big giant filet mignon steak and it cost you like 50 bucks, chances are the journey through outer space that you have landed yourself on the ship is recycling your own physical material back into your body and it is such a good sensation to be regrowing cells and becoming whole that eating meat essentially encompasses that entire brain capacity for physical growth. And then of course the trick always is in the my new programming of the butcher or in many average human’s case whatever local supermarket prepared the meat because face it we all have to have basic programming built into our matrices and the easiest way is to eat it I kid you not.

So this week’s episode of the 100 was amazing because Bellamy was in it and then at the very end he betrayed everybody but you have to wonder if it’s still all part of Bellamy’s plan. everything he went through on that planet with that dude he studied that dude and he knew right away that he had to make them convince that he was on their side in order to survive, because that’s what Bellamy does. Nowwhen I’m having a hard time figuring out is how that show is currently integrating into my life of my life has been on hold but the letter I sent to the cheese kind of giving him a galactic heads up, without trying to sound too crazy but obviously sounding crazy I was hoping that somehow the TV was no longer only portraying my life because narcissists tend to only care about themselves and everything around them has to do with them but the people of the world who care about other people and have a connection so deep they actually see the other people in their influence on the world around them when they’re not thinking about themselves. someday these words will actually make sense to a whole generation of kids because I was just an analog model that caught wind of something analog models don’t even have the capacity to put a definition to. It’s like asking a tape player to open an app.

Humans are not computers and their minds while they may see steam simple and they may not seem like they can compete with a computer, the human mind is capable of some pretty wild and amazing things. The human mind is capable of things and human mind cannot even comprehend and that is what makes everything so exciting being human.

Veggie burgers

Boca means mouth

Fairy godmothers are chosen officials to represent the word of fairy amongst mortals.

Fairy godmother’s magic stems from the belief in magic and pure love. They are tasked with finding true love and nurturing growing pairing making and teaching love. The root of fairy godmother power is derived from unselfishness.

Druids have immense power and they are wise enough to have access to infinite immense power of any capacity by any nature because the universe has entrusted these once humans now magicians / wizards to a task to keep the world going peacefully and growing exponentially. Druids are allowed so much more leeway in an effort to better the world’s and help the communication between species time. And technology flowing. Frustration is a break in a communication and druids are the ultimate communicators as they work like masterminds playing chess using pieces of puzzles in ways that is intricate. Being a druid has a lot of responsibility and it comes at a price. A lot of druids have to force a glove or have treacherous love stories because their work is always calling for them. However becoming a human word all time traveling pirate tests renegade and having lived the life I have lived I really cannot imagine anything even a dragon, standing in my way of happiness while I continue to make the world universe and galactic acids of energy better.

I believe that I can do great things but I also know my own weaknesses and belief and faith are two of them. So while fairy godmother mb has its limits The magic can be used if others believe in the fairy godmother or the mission. So even in my greatest times of self-doubt my power is never wavered because so many believed in me and that essence is where the purest form of magic at a fairy godmother’s fingertips comes from.

It is time for bed.

To wrap it all up fairy godmothers are vegan burgers in the magical world where wizards are beef burgers and druids are… Well probably a McDonald’s burger (because of how long it takes to decay!) Jokingly.

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