Something in the air at spring time

And so it seemed not too long ago the fairies played on the beautiful lands and the air was clean and the sky was blue. the sun would shine during the day and the moon would rise and the fish would come out and play. The Earth was most definitely a site to see.

For as long as time has known to document things, all of life throughout the universe speaks of the legendary one singular planet that has the most fun anyone can dream. The one thing all life has in common is the desire to have fun. Social creatures like physical form and any planet with gravity and atmosphere throughout time would develop into a spot where all of the hot glorious life gathered and celebrated– what it is to be alive. donning fun outfits of all different kinds designed by artists of all different minds! The Best of the world’s would dance and combine and emit an energy field divine. The most talented of all would most surely be there dressed in something Fancy with all done up hair, and you can most certainly count on them to DARE where the latest of fashions and gossip so beware.

The most famous idealogy could ever see would be similar to that of Earth’s Hollywood scene and the Golden globes with their fancy gowns all of the delighted creatures dress so profoundly astound because most certainly also would be there spectators from far away but our dimensionally paired. Whoever dare weared one of the sunglasses from Earth could be instantly transported from one hearth to birth yet sometimes during travel the soul would get lost and so pirates went out at any cost to find those who had left loved ones behind while dancing so crazily they actually lost their mind.

Traveling faster than the speed of light in mesmerizing ideas on an intergalactic flight, a space pirate would search and would even fight, just to complete their mission at night. All of the children and all of the lands they always liked hearing all of the bands and so sometimes when they couldn’t be there they can tune in with their instruments technologies through air. Airwaves like angels could travel so fast and instantly add sound, usually fun like music, to the party and energized the crowd.

Art and music are two of the greatest gifts and to have the time to enjoy them and the money to buy them is what some of us need just to live. Because the aching soul searches far beyond our mortal eyes and sometimes through ART and music secrets arise! Taking everything in stride and finding peace inside, sometimes it’s as simple as finding art that is right. Sharing ideas through more than light, finding love in others and living without fright, celebrating the joys of living and life, all of the greatest of the universe gather to party at night.

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