The ships at battle forging new Earth planets! Argh

She was a pirate she was the best pirate and she was on a secret mission and the spaceship sailed smoothly across the space. And then there was this time..

they had to depart at exactly 8:00 p.m. Eastern standard Time Earth they had a long journey ahead of them and just enough supplies to barely make it they were going to be on the Outpost of the outer reaches and the furthest galaxies ever explored. It was going to be the most amazing exciting adventure that the captain had ever LED and she was on a secret mission as well. there were too many things that had to be done but they were being done as fast as they were thought because that is how fast people could do things with the help of computers machines in the very latest technology of things. and it was so amazing the 3D screens as big as you can imagine and the best rooms had dome screen TVs surround sound and complete immersive technology so you feel like you’re really into space pod. because you know everything about hibernation techniques the best is when you get to get up and stretch and just merge realities from your dreams to a three-dimensional workspace where you can you know move your body and get it prepped from ready for planet lunch because you can’t just go from a deep slumber even with hyperlite speed and space as fast as we do this nowadays your body’s still needs to slowly get used to moving and using its muscles I mean on the journeys that these types of ships were going on.

She said hi Captain I may I suggest a shortcut to your destination I have a new been on an old piece of technology that will ramp our engine tenfold and make it the fastest ever known. she looked at him and laughed I am waiting for a phone call so I’m not sure we’re even going to have a precise blast off at 8:00 so I don’t want to try anything tricky figured all out in our next lunch in the next quadrant we can try it. She said.

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The idea.

Magic with the power of magic could be highly explosive but also with technology to precisely tune the frequencies all of this knowledge is essential for running one of the fastest light ships in the known galaxies.the SS Irene flew sweetly through the skies of any planet with any kind of gravity because she had an amazing super thrust power in substable double graphic bubble tech 3D Sim. It was a small, efficient and technologically advanced semi-bio, quad acting space craft. It’s capabilities were boundless and the Captain’s thirst for every mission to be crazier than the last..

well that just made working on this vessel so special. Everybody wanted to work on the SS Irene because the captain was legendary she did what she wanted when she wanted how she wanted and she took what she wanted when she needed it because her mission was from the highest ranking council of all the galaxies and that’s you receded everything and important and luckily for everybody the enlightenment communities we’re excited to see if she would complete the ultimate hand of intergalactic poker. much like scavenger hunt with a group of friends after a drunk night at the bar or even a treasure hunt combine the two with modern day technology and interplanetary systems. Real world dynamic with 3D Sim ulation and virtual reality but with real life games as ships played ships in these battle galactic gaming contest where winners of hordes of lower gaming ring players were called warlords. And the whole affair was much celebration and people would party and give back to their great nation since we were all intertwined on the interplanetary filing system. our great to the 23rd power grandparents were the primitive species that was able to travel the stars and reserve and preserve their likeness ideas and culture long enough to have found itself once again.

how all the species shared a love to party. how many a time had the Earth been saved from an invading alien race because what was them they would see how much the Earth like two parties two party with two or more parties.

all right I know we’re supposed to cut cons at 8:00 but I’m really waiting for a signal from Earth I know we’re quite almost out of range but chica I need you to make sure that if any signals from Earth come through you patch them in I don’t care what you have to do you hear me lieutenant admiral?

“yes ma’am sir Captain admiral Sir…” He replied too busy reading the mountains of code for takeoff.

it was the half hour past time comes were supposed to be down and way past where we were supposed to reach signals from Earth but lo and behold heard the chatter and a secret alarm went off.

“it’s the call she’s been waiting for we got to patch it through,” says the floor hand

“hello. This is not a good time. What is going on?”

So she gave him a chance to explain. It was quite the understood and serious of kind of explanations.

“I wish there was some magic in this land to make things right.”

“even three months out and there is still little hope I will see you when you get back?”

“ah true but there are some teleportation tricks I am working on.”

The line was cut short band it would be a while before she could reach him again. She felt bad for how much his heart longed for her. He was her everything and she would always make him feel better. She understood his side of things and all too often figured out the way to alleviate any hurt the world may suffer him.she loved him. They had been through so much together. It was crazy of her to take this mission, but she felt no one else was qualified. Besides the real Earth sucked on quarantine from Corona.

Then she hung up the phone and look to her left giant screen and saw incoming. the ship had 8,000 small tentacles that were all about to be released into ships that were attacking her one spaceship so before that could happen she pressed the red button and poof.

Incinerated before them was the ship in a nice cloud of cotton candy pink smoke. Her ship recalled the particles with their particle read atomizer and stored it in an altamino-ish Uber small microcosm glass Crystal sphere to return to the embassy and whether it shall be decided that it be restored or deleted. these are times of peace and anyone who threatened any sort of violence while in a spaceship to her craft was deemed an enemy of the State and new upon such action it would be vaporized. The newer technology now creates a vaporize equation in which the object is dismantled at an atomic level zipped and then restored into the same fashion but Frozen and so then it could be decided at a later date whether it to be terminated or to be “resumed” – the process of restoring a vaporized object to it’s original state.

The captain kind of giggled at herself as she was yawning this is the end of a very long shift and the beginning of an even longer one. it was time for dinner and she barely remembered having breakfast or coffee because what happened in between was so vast and time bending that she was just ready finally to take a nap. she had an excellent stellar crew this year and so many great technological advances in her systems with artificial intelligent robots to whom she would trust her life too and most certainly does every night when she goes to sleep.

Space flight on Earth like park fields and landing strips, like parking lots

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