Boats make history as teleportation duplicates across the Galaxy!!

She made headlines. The entire trip was a success and now the graphics downloaded from the old Earth would now become the simulations for long but not so long spaceship rides.

Lol. Tuna Tribesmen and the Lost city of “Atlantis” #teleportation #cloudcamo

Mining graphics from the earth humans was an ingenious idea developed in the late 40 80s and when they finally were able to communicate with Earth and integrate seamlessly, it is no surprise that the beauty of living on Earth was its greatest asset. The color of the sky would change and so would the weather but never so unpleasant where you had to seek shelter in a four to five bunker or underground chamber. it was peculiar how some of the species native to the planet had built such bunkers just in case the world would end. But to every known Galaxy creature or entity that ever came to this planet, no one had beef with Earth. Earth was known for its wonderful beef and animal meat was highly sought after.

Humans enjoyed parties music and lots of other languages shared through the galaxies. It was a dark time though when some of the humans went missing and it was discovered later on had been captured into slavery, but luckily they all were none the wiser and everything worked out okay.

teleportation was all the rage everybody wanted to know how it was done because it was one of those things that just seemed to be there all of a sudden. even in as far forward as she could remember the fairy godmother could not understand the physics and science behind teleportation. And so it became her obsession to figure out how it worked because she knew it existed and she had dabbled in it herself a few times, but that wasn’t good enough she just wanted to know more.

The first time the Fairy Godmother ever witnessed teleportation was in the Hampton bays of the Long Island Galaxy. Everybody loves Earth so much that almost 98% of named galaxies are named in the earth language English from the original Earth in the Milky Way galaxy because of all of its Treasures and that it’s way of life has been duplicated and replicated timelessly. There was a mermaid princess who also like to space travel and one day they decided to go up to the landing area also known as “the beach” and take the dogs for a lovely walk because the simulation of the beach at the spaceship Landing site was so realistic and they even threw tons of treasures into the water to help wash up on the shore to help occupy those who came to visit. And the Fairy Godmother hopped in her rocket ship and went with her dog brownie the cosmo not and as she pulled up to the beach and got out of the vehicle assured that the mermaid princess fairy K behind her … To the Fairy Godmother is amazement when she looked up very k was already on the beach! She had her pup and the ball ready to go throw it down the Sandy Beach and Fairy Godmother like brownie go too.

“what are you doing here I thought you were behind me and left after me,”

“Oh I wanted to try the new teleporter that we installed in our new house that Sir Byron built himself!!”

“Oh you mermaids and your particulars calling your husband sir. Well, I knew it would exist someday but it is amazing to see that science has caught up with magic and that you beat me here.”

The mermaid fairyK chuckled and laughed as she shook her head at the fairy godmother’s ridiculousness.

“Funny. Brownie what are you doing hey get out of there hey what are you doing?”

brownie dog was at it again trumping through the marshes where the stinky water run off would make it muddy and gross as his big brown Harry paws would surely get dirty. Brownie love to run run and run and run down the beach as far as he could and back chasing a stick and then leaving it behind to chase a random bird. brownie love to go swimming in the ocean and he love to go swimming in the bay and you love to chase the rabbits and the pelicans away. Brownies quite a famous dog as he is a unique looking dog and some of his lineage could probably be traced back to Chewbacca himself.

#browniedog #chewbaccagrandson

“oh he always does this he just is so happy to be out and free but I always worry that he’s going to run too far get in trouble.”

Fairy k through the ball and looked out to the bay and I could hear in her mind what she wanted to say. She was saying hi to all the mermaids that she had left behind because she had like to live on land for Earth was just so Grand. and it was so neat how we could all just travel to see each other but still sometimes journeys took weeks or even months.

“I’m thinking about taking another crazy mission and I’m really going to have to ration food this time. but I think I could figure out a way to make the trip on 100% oxygen so I won’t have to have any cigarettes in and I might even be able to do it on 100% water so that would mean a zero alcohol intake and I would completely remain awake and in control of the vessel for the entire journey.”

“so how long do you think it will take?” Asked FairyK Mae her astronaut passion shining through.

“honestly it could be close to a year,”

“wow. That’s long.”

“in a way I guess it really kind of is long but with Facebook the time seems to pass quicker. It really feels like I can keep in touch in fact with all of my daily duties and how different everything is while traveling that way in space time just moves faster I mean they say it’s only supposed to feel like 3 weeks and I think with my new sim I shouldn’t even age!”


“I know it’s all so hard to believe I mean just 5 years ago I was a regular fairy godmother champs in about Earth not even knowing there were other planets just like here. And now I’m on this crazy quest to save mankind across the galaxies and help princes and princesses fall in love. yeah I’ll tell you nothing beats just sitting at the beach with a good friend on a nice day playing with the dogs.”

“yeah it’s really good to get a walk in but I also like to just sit and relax. It’ll be fun someday to take the kids up to the beach.” Says FairyK to the FGM.

FgM, the Fairy Godmother, caught the little wink in fairyk’s eyes. sometimes time traveling got really confusing when you don’t remember which year you’re in or if you’re just in a Sim after which year you had been.

“is it a boy or a girl?”

This one’s a boy.

Mighty Leo.

Oh the Fairy Godmother looked at fairy K as she noticed the slight bump on her belly. This time it was the FairyGodmother who says,


“it’s going to be fun I’m looking forward to being a mom.”

“oh yeah best mom ever. He’ll probably love fishing like his dad.”

“and his momma!”

It was true. The commercial Ss fV K Mae was named in her honor.

That was the first time the Faerie Godmother witnessed a living entity teleport.

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