The fairy folk were fleeing to the forest and the mountains which never was a sign of anything good to come to Earth when the fairy folk had the Earth was in trouble. Of course the humans they didn’t know they never knew and that was why they existed to be such creative free spirits that they are, yet the thinkers and the intellectuals the scientists they all knew and the teachers and the smart politicians had their doubts, but humanity on a hole was far smarter than it’s naivety ever could be.

Was the game of galactic poker even over yet? When the system started to collapse the electrons ran to the core everybody thought the safety of the circuitry that would not get shut down and restarted. Everyone wants to hold on to their knowledge and believe that dreams can be real but so few are able to put it all together and manifest it into their destiny physically. Would you say that I say he Said She Said mattered in a story such as this when time was irrelevant so that past tense future tense and present all could be used interchangeably at any moment in time? It would be the conundrum of the century or maybe all of eternity especially for any English teacher.

The attack has been massive on a scale in which she could barely fathom. Haven’t spent most of the past eons undefeated in a perfect world he immense loss felt by the princess could not be measured. This year and measurability indicating the amount was far vast anything that can fit into the universe and so such pain shall be banished for pain brings only suffering and loss of the moment present. It is always in the future that the past looks so appealing and yet like fake wax pie sounds delicious looking and it may last forever can never be consumed to satisfy the body. When the princess sat down at the poker table she was sure that she would win for she was in the right list of righteousness Lanes, with all the guest list and VIP lists and all of the worlds everywhere weren’t as spectacular as the names that sat around the table.

Welcome to The intergalactic poker challenge championship tournament

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