Business Model – fairy godmother enters Earth’s true timeline

What a disaster!

So to get started there would be brain storming and creating. Also…

1.Create a dog poop waste Management company for outer Cape.
2.Eco-friendly zero carbon footprint emission friendly mining technology for cryptocurrency
3.Non-for-profit blockchain technology based company to unite beaches and beachcombers on a cause for Alzheimer’s awareness and research:Angels for Alzheimer’sEvery shell angel sold proceeds go to an Alzheimer’s company /
4.Not for Profit Promotional Entity MLEmusic loves everybodyMission statement- uniting bands with fans, interweaving scenes across the globe to unite similar sounding up coming bands with fans Online Mission statement:Promoting music through live painting performanceViable commerce website to buy MY art
5.Hosting servers:DomainThe fairy godmothers
–Where bands and artists can list their products to sell for Dogecoin. An entire artist community built on the Doge network. Featuring create your own virtual gallery with options to buy, sell and trade art ONLY using the dogecoin and it’s network. NFTs on other networks might not be compatible causing Competition in the marketplace.

Why not be it all?

To the moon.
Bonus:Colonize Mars mine it for red meteorite and get all the kiddos hooked on simulation video game lifestyle they think it’s just a weeks vacation in a beautiful island. Cut oxygen supply resources needed in the spaceship with vape sims and save potable water consumption with cheap alcohol.

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