Saying too much … Releasing untold half truths since the future is changing


Seriously??? An afternoon of time travel speculation and post comments on the IG? Well, the Faerie Godmother had so much to worry about and timeline managing was always on the forefront. Whee and when she would ever see her friends again reminded her of pretty much her majority of isolated living (traveling through time and space). Never had the Fairygodmother encountered so much hesitation and uncertainty as in the year 2021.

Everyone thought 2020 was the worst. Still the Faeriegodmother new it could just be the “trial run” for what was about to come next. She was still hoping her crew was going to make it through their necessary wormholes and use their energy to help her save the world. Yesterday she finally admitted it was her fault the world ended, but really it wasn’t entirely her fault. In fact, so much of how the world ended and then restarted was unknown. Something maybe to do with a time-traveling error that caused a paradox? Surely, the story will unfold.


#timetravel #timetravelingfairygodmother

“The truth is in me, but will I remember in time?” She asks herself aloud as she continues to go through all the storage.

Someone somewhere has to know how to help. Hopefully all of this stuff saved will have a purpose and serve to enlighten, inspire or bring joy. Creation of art and beauty always makes the world a better place.

Theories of time travel paradox
Very real concerns
#gypsymoth #dirtyparis it was a great song and the caterpillars can cause rashes with micro hypodermic spindals

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