I don’t like heated topics but…


Right down to the binary tertiary output from rebooting the MS-DOS system at the Old farm where what came first the chicken or the egg or the big brown dog?

#dcslegendsoftomorrow #spoileralert

But of course even getting cancelled AGAIN spoiled the plan .. but I will tell you the plan anyway… Maybe next year.

Canceled twice

#noshowersinspace #rickandmorty #rickandmortypremiere #ricksndmortyseasonpremier #thefairygodmotherhouse

Canceled once


If you are a galactic time traveler what would be your newspaper?

#timetravel #timevtravelparadoxsolved

Multiple meanings and spellings and Adam the first man!!! Ha and a tiny molecule!!! Now who is an Electron? Where my protons at?

Let’s build a new world!!!

Long ago we held the legendary one and only election of a century and it was called “who is the King of the Universe?”

Now because of changing times we realize that there must be an amendment to the name it’s very self and that’s to prove that the rightful error is still is the owner by name and buy physical form we might have to have the universal election again.

Who is the Ruler of the Universe?

Not to be confused with the appointed master of the universe or his understudy the master to be, not to be confused with the prince of the universe for there are many princes of many dimensions planets and on and on and on, but let us remember what there is before 2…

The number one.

The first.

A true leader and original thinker.

Someone wise and smart, fearless for learning and to make it very very simple…

Someone who can silence it all.

Of course of course we need a witness and we need a time and place to conduct such an extraordinary search/election…

Oh where and when shall such a Time be I feel as though it has happened before so it shall be again at the same time and place but a different time and place yet call the same thing all the same…



Who will be the one to silence the scene for 3 complete seconds?

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Rules: attend Camp Bisco. Find the Faerie Godmother and silence the entire festival for three whole Earth seconds. The task must be completed in absolute utter silence (eye contact must be made with the Faerie Godmother upon and during silence to prove it is indeed YOU who hold the power).

(See backstory)

From the time Camp Bisco starts until the very last person leaves Montage Mountain’s festival grounds will be the period in which YOU ALL will have to complete the task of proving you are the TRUE RULER of the Universe.

Many of you will have all sorts of questions so email them to Iamthefairygodmother@yahoo.com and feel free to submit your friends as candidates or promote yourself. The hashtag #theFairygodmotherhouse on Instagram is a virtual roof where we can all share our art, our stories, music and whatever we want the scene and all our fellow music and art lovers to see. For free. This is a free promotional event and movement to give back to the artists and musicians and creators… To unite fans and people with similar tastes… And for all the talented folk who just need a little extra love and magic.

#cheers #therealfairygodmother #wedonethisbefore

But will we get to do it again?

Maybe 2022.

Backstory: This has been accomplished before at the Legendary Camp Bisco x #campbiscox #thediscobiscuits Sir Duffy, Mr. Mariaville and Jeff Bujak (clever with his silent disco) all came close, but it was Sir Brimmer of the Wellfleettown Brigade to complete the task. (Of course the true power could never be held into very long and the world resumed and the first sound heard was a cardoor opening and the song “uncle John’s Band” played — which made so much sense because that was his name and now also the OFFICIAL name of the King of the Universe.

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