King of the universe hat… And Hawking’s black hole theory


Long ago the crown of the universe had to be forged… What would or could it be made of to sit upon a king so powerful as to command the everything? Well that just cannot be explained using WordPress and data entry on a Pixel.

The Legendary Hat

“Almost 10 years have gone by since I have seen my galactic brother Bobby and of course as soon as I find his hat whilst cleaning out my big ol blue dresser… Does anything I do spark his interest. He has been off in his own fairytale and traveling the cosmos still eats up real time so… I am just wondering how am I supposed to deliver this hat to him.

“Legend has it that this hat contained mighty magical power, or not, but rather recognizes the most powerful presence in the field of view. It’s not like the sorting hat in Harry Potter, it seems to be quite an ordinary hat physically… Though the years have worn it and the sun has tolled it… But whether it works still is another challenge to figure out. Also how am I supposed to get it back to him when obviously it has to be in trusted hands the entire time. Who knows what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands? I am having a difficult time right now figuring out where the entire world is and what the latest Rick and Morty episode reported.

“I still want to have the contest for Ruler of the Universe and am wondering if perhaps a new crown entirely should be created and if so, how on Earth would that come about. Let me tell you it was quite the ordeal figuring this all out the first go round, and now all the players have changed life course and even the entire world changed. Stupid plague, cough cough, I mean “covid-19”.

“What is in a name? That is a famous line and why is it such a great line? Well turns out “a lot” can be put into a name. Like putting objects into a hat instead of wearing the hat… Names have a purpose but clever enough coders can utilize names fully by storing all sorts of “dimensional blockchain” data in them.

“”the properties of black holes are significant clues to the laws that govern the universe”” see above pic

“The connect the dots and words and timing of things at 3:53am on a Sunday night seems hopeless. I’m not tired at all but I am though”

And the Fairygodmother decided to rest. Yet as she laid there trying to sleep the thought popped into her head about the recent unfolding events of the world ending and having it back again, the Rick and Morty season 5 premier, her Anchor podcast entry and the fact her first musical mentor had “accidentally hit do not save” while writing his book…. Made her think of that movie… stranger than fiction… Only her music mentor wasn’t writing her life.

But finding out specifically about him hitting “do not save” and posting about it on FB (which ultimately is supposed to be what saves humanity) at the same time DCs legends of Tomorrow entertain a villain who wants to restart humanity, where Sarah lance is already the closest character to illustrate to Earth people what adventures the Fairy Godmother had witnessed was just too coincidental. The information seems especially peculiar with what happened to Morty’s “girlfriend” on the very same night she was supposed to be watching it with her main 🧀. that w

Wine is a symbolic physical substance for Jesus’s blood. Cheese is a symbolic term for her “love.” The #discobiscuits song she thought of had to do with her phone always changing a stand alone “u” to an “I” but wait was it a #Shpongle song she was trying to remember but the chamomile and lavender tea kicked in before she could remember or figure it out.


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