Att: power averted ball hail the queen

And do the math won. Sci Fi slowed and season finale back to the future parallel DCs legends of tomorrow blewy mind again.

The story of Sarah…. What she became…. That’s where I am at and also calise after she lost her first dragon and dherah the new series ended… The fairygodmother time traveling spin off with her wookie dog #browniedog.

Share this. 6 22 2021

Rip Cassidy K9 Cowgirl
6-7-2012 – 6-21-201

Beloved by all. Guardian of the Galaxy Honolulu and Cape Cod

Survived by her Dad Captain K9 cowboy
Sister Avery Mae Kinnane
Aunt Sarah Kinnane
Grandma Marilyn
Grandpa Mark
Gramma Susan
Grandpa Steve

Courtney DeStafano
Mom FairyGodmotherEmilyJean
8 of her children pups including Thunder “wonder” and “Brownie Big Paws Cassidy K9 cowboy Big Balls and her brother Charlie and Uncle Pretzel Aunt Dani UncleRayRay cousin Vilas

These tales must be lived before they are told yet then to keep up the change lo and behold … Oops I’m the Fairy Godmother I could tell a story like no other.

This is a sad time. The human loss of life is far far sad too. This story however is an attempt to better the lives of the survivors. Bears down the roads, coyotes howling in packs the other night. Feels like a good time to anchor podcast

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