Caught up on fictional mews

So DSkinwslker Ranch was stimulating, but nothing satisfied quite the same as the conclusion of Lucifer season 5. Paired with the Disney Plus Channel’s series Loki, well, there’s much interpretation to be done.

The Time keepers intrigue me, as the rest of the world waits until Wednesday to find out more to the story. Meanwhile this whole idea of Loki falling in love with a female version of himself from another timeline reminds me strangely of my personal experience at Echo Project in Georgia over a decade ago.

I called him the God Ruckus, and as a story writer/experiencer I had related closely with the character the Goddess Play. They had an interweaving tale that reminded me of the chemistry between the two main characters in the series Loki. Similar but different.

The facing the end of the world and creating a crazy branch off the timeline reminded me so much of what happened in Georgia that I am inclined to go back and read ally old journals… Like TODAY!!! TO HAVE IT ON WORDPRESS before the big Loki reveal on Wed.

While movies like Avatar and Matrix make hard to understand concepts accessible to the average thinker, the way in which my mind processes information is a touch narcissistic. In order to regain control one must recognize their full part in responsibility. Everything could surely be blamed on me or found to have happened because of me, so if I can change me then essentially, I could change that which I did not like about the world. It is very complicated because NOTHING is actually my fault for I have no power in the realm of the physical and no desire to exert my will over others. I just realized whomever IS IN CHARGE got real lonely and invisible, so sometimes, like Loki, there is a practical joke played to get my attention. Sometimes, my sense of humor isn’t as carefree and dark, soften I get mad at these careless heartless “jokes”. Yet lately, the crying and temper tantrum of being ignored, has had real serious and malicious consequence.

Whether the game of galactic poker has truly been lost by our beloved Princess Namika has yet to be determined, it appears however all that was wagered in the pot before the great Earthly fold, has and is in the process of being lost. Truly there may be no escaping extinction for the Earth humans. Their warrior has been missing for weeks and the council is up in the air what to do about so many rogue civilizations breaking free from the Matrix construct code of their newly inhabitted “Earth cities recreated on planets” lives. More humans are waking up to the hoax of their entire formal education systems and even more are falling pray to slave ships advertising freedom and dignified living! The power struggle is a real threat to the fragile ecosystem of the third dimensional physical human forms of Earth 2021.

Excerpt from ruckus and play ruckus could be a Loki variant
Page two #lokivariant #variant
Her #invisiblefriend invisible friend from Titan

Tuning into frequencies is always difficult when food from processed places has been consume. In her world a potato chip has as much information as a computer chip … It is true we are what we eat, but our surroundings are often produced by what we process with what we eat.

It’s why Bluefin Tuna sell for so much money. The raw fish has coding from advanced civilizations. For some reasons the Japanese people are far better at retrieving coded information of food. Yet, there are still programmers that can do miraculous things and so they must be found. No wonder music is the weapon of the future.

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