Listing Art on Ebay

Surprisingly the first piece I listed on here sold! So here is a really cool sculpture I am selling. I really want like $2000 for it because of sentimental value and it’s from my youth. His name is Edgar. But reasonable priced hand sculpted and painted is likely to get sold so …

But the one that sold can be found below… A hand painted piece of paper

This piece is one that remarks upon the shift in timeline one small person can have. It also tells a story.

Please comment about what you interpret from this.


Saturday has long been known when the children of Titan (one of Saturn’s moons) would visit the Earth to learn and play from all the children who were off from institutional learning. Some call it a day of inventing, as the Titans often inspired the Earth humans with their visits.

I actually sold that piece with some vintage fishing lures to an eBay customer… Vanderbeek sounded like a sturdy last name. I was very honored someone bought the original… And for a whopping $38 which to me is pretty incredible.

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