Going through thefairygodmotherhouse

After realizing that it couldn’t in fact be true that the world is going to end what else could I do but go through all the old memories finding pictures of my friends. So many so many journals I kept I knew I would want to read them again someday and some of them are pretty good.

I keep telling myself to take the time and translate them down get him into this WordPress but I also kind of fear there’s somebody might really be reading this WordPress and taking my ideas in the real world and that might be why I see them on TV or in the movies, but that seems so far fetched.

Even though realistically it makes more sense than the theory I had constructed within these Tales. The many different perspectives of the many different ways and the many different times that many different things happen.

For those of you who can still read cursive you know that squiggly writing they sometimes called script, here is a little snippet from 1995’s diary entry where you can see I’ve had the same problems then as I do now.

The mind of a time traveler rarely changes

As I keep rediscovering my childhood, going through the many boxes if papers, art, photographs and digital media, I grow nostalgic for the time when going outside wasn’t laced with fear if contracting viruses and disease.

Lymes disease and mosquito borne illnesses are still relatively low up north and if there really is a 30 year ice age upon us then maybe mosquitos won’t be a threat in the future.

Sitting down this morning and reading all sorts of news I realized I am by definition a heretic.

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