Ships stalling in wake of lost Summer vibes

Finally they were at a point where they could stop all engines and just let the ship rest in silence. It’s been over 6 weeks of intergalactic traveling and it does a number on the body so trying to walk again on a planet with gravity should be interesting.

The captain stomach was in knots in the nervousness about the upcoming journey and mission with all of its unknowns had created its own dragon. Fire breathed up her esophagus and the loud grumbling of her empty belly echoed through the chambers. The absence of the constant engine running and machinery had left the spaceship so silent that her stomach growling seemed like the thunder.

“I explicitly ordered that All ships docking to be absolutely silent when unloading and loading passengers and cargo,” boomed the Captains angry voice .

“Last night was a perfect example of what NOT to do! The thunder that booms underneath our ship, over the Earthlings below, was so fierce that it undoubtedly disturbed the poor dogs who are afraid of such loud noises! I gave explicit orders to spare the “cuddles” of Earth any suffering! I demand to know who was in charge last night? Who was operating the docking equipment that thundered so loudly due to operator carelessness? I will make everyone wear soft shoes and operate at one hundredth of speed if there continues to be loud noises while docking the spaceship. I know we have the cloud cover and “storm” to camouflage the ship but that does NOT, absolutely NOT, mean you all can prance merrily around and allow booming thunderous clattering of cargo and machinery!”

The Star Captain looked at her ranks with the most evilest, glaring death stare seen since she conquered Hell.

To be continued after the dog poops…

(Cuddles are what the Captain calls the creatures of any planet that are super cute and unable to fend for themselves.)

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