Brownie dog his x-rays and our extended cape cod galaxy

Hey things are crazy. The universe doesn’t even know.

The princess of the universe has been running for Earth months from the impending collection of everything she lost in the galactic game of poker.

“How could it be over? How did I lose?” She asked her Fairy Godmother.

“Oh baby, we have just begun. We gotta get underground and finish the ultimate secret weapon against the harvesting foe. Don’t worry that slick character of unimaginable trickster smiles got your back remember?”

“I feel like Sam Winchester when he finds out Dean is working with Crowley.”

“That is science fiction, this is the real deal. Let’s play for keeps.” Said the Faerie Godmother motivationally.

“Cumbys coffee is only $1.06 in this galaxy and this is by far my favorite ring of planetary solar systems. Can we get famous Raspberry donuts?”


Best damn do it’s in the universe.

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