Living the dream when the dream constantly changes…

How many times have you moved????

I travel states like people travel to gas stations.

You drive telemetry twenty minutes to the doctor.. I drive 5.5 hrs wait a day drive 45 minutes and then the same to go home. That is the way astronautical travelers, even at the speed of light, travel. Then days to weeks in one spot to go for the “deep cruise” as we trek through galaxies.

Doctor’s are rare and good ones are far away often when on the secret missions or exploratory ones. Bacteria in outer space is as scary as virus threat

California is a spaceship so they want to mandate vaccination but this conflicts with a lot of lower level reality humans and their “freedom to choose” their health road.

This is where I argue in favor of giving humans the technology to better diagnose the microbiological scale… However being a cross dimensional communicator and with my intelligence… Intel… Inside scoop…

The humans could discover the billions of secrets hidden within the microbiology world because even smaller than we can see with the greatest of microscopes is something called ocular depression where the tiniest of our world is in reality the same scale on the across the wormhall path mapped by our ancient creators… Back a window to the portal to the “other side” and wow.

The ancestors are us in our DNA and they see as omnipotent as any mythological God. Our decisions are our own but our family’s as well. We are all connected and time is not linear. Time has the illusion of measuring the same for everybody but it is simply not true.

Me going to the dentist and the doctors for 6 weeks doesn’t age me 6 earth weeks, more like 6 days. My DNA just doesn’t use mitochondria the same and all the science is so confusing… And supposedly I must experience invent it or translate it but I just

“girls and weed and a little bit of liquor, is the good life”

Dance powered super space titanic city ships powered by human beings as batteries. The Father Time invented the first dancing powered spaceship. A platform where passengers of the ship and the battery camp civilians could mingle in a magical platform all rigged and wired for sound. It looked like a concert and it was legend to be a good time. Use of fluids and homographs and digital downloading/uploading all stimulated the physical 3d biological people to dance and move around and contained within the F.E.S.T. Future Energy Synergetic Tube (Intelligent Venus Artificial Life)

People would party and the ship above would be powered. The bigger the F.E.S.T. and the more energy gathered and utilized the better. It was a profitable business and it really helped keep human slave batteries happy. It seemed to recharge them as well. However, coming out of the matrix to party became quite addictive for human batteries so the spaceship engineers developed all sorts of chemicals to help keep the humans emitting energy.

Then the experiments began. That was when the enlightened ones realized their batteries were a little more than energy resources. Guilt? A conscious? What was this mysterious curiousity about these simple beastly specimens that made the Enlightened ones start their experiments? The way the humans reacted, behaved and just made stuff fascinated the engineers, scientists and pretty soon even the everyday crew and passengers of the intergalactic spaceships were tuning into Earth sims and F.E.S.T.I.V.A.L. (sort of like in hunger Games but not so brutal).

A new market emerged in entertainment so now people from the spaceship wanted to attend these F.E.S.T.I.V.A.L.s but it seemed a bit dangerous. The capacities for Humans to understand a world bigger than the one they grew up believing in– proved detrimental to 99percent 99percent of the time. (If you read other stories you may be familiar with the one who was the exception)


Pets on spaceships is very tricky. Pets at a festival would be an experiment all itself.

So what happens when higher intelligent species mingle with humans at a festival… Music. The bands from the battery camps were sometimes as good as the Enlightened Ones, sometimes even better. Whenever a human got to be so talented and amass a huge crowd, they were usually pulled from the camps and setup in their own ship. Still, most never got any of the true truth. Just setup I am environment where their creativity would be optimized. The art output of humans was greatly valued. Art was priceless. When the imageinkng first began, in an effort to recreate an earth 3d real life sim the graphics were pulled straight from the minds of the DNA of the oldest slave lines.

…. If you smoke cigarettes or drank alcohol then you probably were involved in space transport at some point. Alcohol is addictive but they say it is DNA and now we know mRna are the messengers so those who can control the mRna can control everything about a human giving enough super computers, Artificial Intelligence and man power. World domination…. Fuuuuuuuuuuck…. How about control over an entire species to power the greatest space fleet the Universe has ever known!!!

You see a sunset I see entering hyperlifht speed. Your earth and my earth are two different time periods but we exist on them together because we share the common memories

Integrate your live and attract those who love you by being who you need and what you love. Be the change you want to see in the world.

She ran away from it all when she found out the horrible truth of it all. Just like when Jupiter in Jupiter’s ascending discovered the elixir of youth was at the cost of lives of many humans… A metaphor or symbolic interpretation what is actually still happening. While one or more incedences in the beginning are solid history, many of the future’s transgressions can still be managed and in all fairness to the scientists and trillions of lives that sacrifices so it may be so…. To change the past may destroy the future…

The princess will do anything to save the real Earth. The Earth should live out as long as she was intended before the human experiment implanted on her beautiful surface ruined it all. The creators have interviened and harvesting had begun. She was watching it happen every day and in horror could do nothing to stop it. The people didn’t even know so it didn’t matter to them, but the princess saw the horror of it all and didn’t want to stand idly by.

Ever since she made that decision she has been running from the most powerful race in the galaxy. A race and civilization that has everything in control and owns her from that old paegan word “soul” but she is still trying to stay free… In hopes someday she may get back on top and given the chance… She may just be able to rescue her captured friends… Though they seem ok for now having fun partying in the spaceship bellies as batteries. They don’t even know what happened and are having a good time

They say the scientists elixirs and medicines are pretty damn awesome too. Jesus.

She was praying for them all and honestly having seen for herself how amazing the parties are, she was quite jealous she couldn’t just go back to that way of life in ignorance.

So glad she figured out how to recycle urine into something mind clearing and refreshing on those interstellar and FTL missions…. Alcohol would’ve never lasted these long trips like her kombucha does. Lately though she had been operating under hydrated sur to fear of running out of liquids before she arrived to her next stop, before her next mission which was still unknown at this time

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