Oh no she didn’t. … End the universe begin multiverse… Lights

“I had a way Dan losing it on my own had a heart then but the queen has been overthrown” sings Ellie Goulding in a #badsnectar remix about a half a decade after it’s release. Sitting in the docked space ship in the Wellfleet town hub… Epispace station center home of one of humans first extra terrestrial settlements before during and after harvest.

The Wellfleetians never skipped a beat, were always responsive, responsible, reflective and super strong knit community. Wise people’s from all of time and all over the galaxies resided there, or summered or vacationed. World travelers marvel at the simple beauty big the landscape and the quaintness of the small fishing town.

Fishing meant something entirely overlapping to extra terrestrials.

As she sat there listening to one of her favorite singers from years ago who transpired and followed parallel live lived, the captain of the rebels and renegade force sighed and giggled. She never thought she would escape. Now to enact her genius plan. The time travelers were amass ing to 2021 and the harvesting had been halted, for now… Of the current human civilization occupying (and destroying) planet earth milky way.


All the possibilities and the reality existing in real time and space seemed barely a distant memory as she began the longest ftL hyper drive journey through outerspace/ galactic territory unknown. All in search of the money.

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