Things could be more difficult.

The Fairy Godmother looked at the princess of the universe all beaten down and trotted dirty clothes and all and sighed.

“Child, I know it feels like you have lost- and we’ll you did- but loss isn’t permanent nor does it need to be forever. Come on snap out of it and get clever. Think of solutions instead of all the things going wrong. Try not to dwell on all the losses because that is the past. Look to the future with optimism and hope and don’t despair.”

“Yeah? Well if you take this look as despair you suck at reading people. I am angry as hell. I am pissed off at the injustices and yeah I am very disappointed in the fact I lost. I thought for sure I had this entire system wired and rigged and under my thumb… Someone betrayed me, there is no other way things could’ve gone this awry otherwise.”

The Fairy Godmother looked at princess namika and said,

” Well you really couldn’t expect to find true love as easily as you do money. This entire plan required “true love” and just like the little mermaid lost to the Seawitch, you my dear lossed because you failed to “see which” way to properly align your heart. I have a feeling though, all is not lost. Remember you still have friends that are still powerful and hold positions that can help you out.”

“Yeah like who?”

“The Wellfleetians for starters. Their King is very interested in what you do from here on out. My guess is that kingdom still has hope you will save the Earth. They really love their lives there and are counting on you, Princess of America- the great Pirates of the galaxies– Namika, to come up with a plan. The Wellfleetians have one of the most advanced galactic fleets in this side of the universe.”

“Well I don’t know how well I will be perceived given the fact I had to fire their former Ruler from the figurehead position of King of The Universe.”

After the mega Wellfleetians Kingship departs Earth’s atmosphere all that remains is one tiny cloud. One of the most efficient spaceships

To be continued… (they had to go find water for the ship and limp into port with rations almost gone and oxygen severely depleted.)

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