Ran out of Oxygen… Almost

Seeing Mother Nature’s lips and nails turn blue scared the Faerie Godmother back into action and she woke the girl Namika. Told the captain of the cruiser to get on the horn and see if anyone was nearby with extra oxygen.

Luckily Angel saved the girls and had some extra. It was so funny how their paths crossed cosmic distances as though planets revolving around an unknown star very very very far away. The gravitational pull of the Earth always kept Namika going back. Now she needed to stay in space and heal her mom using the super computers people of her time never really knew existed. Mostly the elite and rich had access to such tech, but luckily in the future Mother Nature’s daughter is pretty famous…. Infamous.. famous .. well, she is something of a star for sure and so things revolve around her. Now she is figuring out how to revolve her things around her mom and hoping to stay cool all the while.

The pressure of the upcoming mission was immense and no sooner did she set to go out to deep space to meet Angel the. She noticed the transmission of season 2 Oblivion was released. It was great to know she wasn’t too far behind schedule. It sure did feel nice to shower when operating in outerspace for weeks on end, so Namika made sure to dry her hair very carefully as who knows when they would be stopped and have enough water to shower again. Hopefully the water system gets restored and showering at ftl can resume.



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The work of science fiction… Anyone can do it.

“And actually in my sci Fi book, I utilize the simplicity of this specific time period to explain how the human race colonized the galaxies… And this document would be a sort of proof to my fictional writing muse. Using 3d printers to remotely build identical cities as those we have on Earth today… It made transitioning after a long hybernating space flight at speeds faster than ftl. Renaming everything the same has huge benefits.

Well it makes everything easier when planets and stars systems took on the mantels from the old earth. It makes taking people from the old Earth to the future a hell of a lot easier too!!! Because in order to save the Old Earth the future civilization couldn’t just go back in time and change things… Some sort of paradox … To get around it ‘initially’ time travelers would steal earth humans from the past and bring them to the future to try and teach them the skills necessary to influence and solve the Earth’s problems before it ends. By using people from before the end of the earth, and teaching them future skills… Skills that would evolve either way earth was destroyed or not… Bringing them back to their own time period seemingly fixed the time traveling paradox “If the future teaches anything the past can never change”

In my sci Fi series the fact that human slaves can exist in simpler time periods allows for higher consciousness beings and those with access to hibernating and youth regenerating knowledge and tech can live “the good old days” out realistically. And if they meet an earthling they fall in love with they can take them to their home planet and nothing will be that out of place. There is the Floridian Galaxy and the intergalactic travelers will always ask “where are you from” and that is how they check to see what level human you are”

These were the words of a native Earthling. Pure imagination. Pure genius.

The Fairygodmother doubted the Earth would survive much longer. The plague of 2019 was not ending but the actual virus wasn’t the really bad part of the problem. Much like a horrible twist if plot in a good comic book series, the Good Doctor Fauci was in fact a Mad Scientist – and no one will ever know if he intended to end normal life on Earth — well because if the next mission succeeds everything could change.

This could be the weekend where the timeline is forever altered. The FGM and Namika hope so. 9pm this Sunday, the girls gotta be there in the chair navigating the cable networks and helping humanity with the most incredible new wave of tech and coding to hit em all.

Rambling ramblings excerpts below

Well that’s not funny yet. This technology had been stuck behind bureaucratic red tape for DECADES everyone was afraid to unleash artificial mRNA into the wild population.

Now it is out there and the timeline so unpredictable I had to learn from DVs Legends what exactly happened as Gideon became a human and fell/falling in love with Gary??? (Hmmm… Maybe it is time to dig into the old marble notebook archive for reference)

God does dot like messing with his humans biologically… God did not intend for a human to create spike proteins by the command of another man and by the hands of scientists using super computers (probably with AI technology to do the super computing) and if God frowned upon that then who is actually behind this alteration of human genetics? How long will these experiments go on for? How many humans were harvested? How many were brainwashed and enslaved and replaced with doppelgangers? The answer to these questions is a very resound ZERO.

Under article 1 of Federation Peace Accord Rule number 1 state specifically that no human of Earth bloodline shall be harvested, experimented on, coerced or violated in any way without their express permission. However because of the permission clause, and the relative simple translation of an undetermined timeline paired with free will, well there really wasn’t a method to calculate how many humans left Earth in 2019 and what exactly happened the following two years, but after the blood moon eclipse, it seemed as though a giant weight had been lifted from the planet and everything was capable of being solved again.

It must be like what Gideon feels if she were to complete the universes’s biggest Blockchain computation ever to be made in all of time using all of the information and satellites gathered for the past 30 years. Finally there was a date in sight… 2034… 30 years from 1994 and the greatest chance for Earth to prove themselves worthy of coming up in the next level galactically.

How to process and distribute the information seemed easy enough and hey, to play for the win must always be the way. Live not in fear of what may be and concentrate and making what is right now. #happyholidays

#rockstars #holeinmy #rocksurfing

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