Keeping up with the timeline

Battlestar Galactica really cracked open the Fairy Godmother’s diary. It was a great series redone for t.v. with Later Sackoff as Starbuck and everything she went through in the series was all too strangely familiar. Like dancing with memories that had only happened as imagination paralleling real life.

The quest to find humanity a new home is probably the most epic tale our future people have. In the future the stories are all simply Legend and in the past, simply work s of sci Fi Hollywood. Everytime a segment or journey or mission ended for the pirate Namika she would get sad. Since her spaceship crash in Georgia her memory was always off and so the Fairy Godmother had to be like Adam Sandler in 50 first dates…. Coming up with clever ways to record the princess of the Universe’s epic adventures in a quick to absorb manner… Sci Fi movie journals were by far the most rewarding way (and financially lucrative as Earth humans loved their sci-fi). Most of the real Earth only dreamed about space travel and things like FTL. Most Earthlings we’re fucking clueless about the reality of anything.

Another Life (also with Katee Sackoff) just really solidified the ending to what happened after the Princess of the Universe lost the world in a galactic game of poker. The fairy godmother felt so much relief when she watched the Princess of the Universe watch the series. The emotional connectivity and relatability to the main character played by Katee Sackoff was enthralling and maddening. She couldn’t believe she actually saved the Earth from the alien species that wanted to invade human minds with their technology and feed off of them.

Not only did Namika save the Earth from the real timeline bad guys, but she managed to finally remember how to do it. Sort of. There were still pieces missing. Namika was caught up, hung up on a weird feeling as though she was more like William the AI computer program with emotion. She felt strongly that she might be accessing the code to destroy “the Acari” was what they called them in the show… But what would she refer to the similar parallel real life invading alien species to Earth? Sopas? Cartels? Moolahs? Anyers? The memory of the real species was blurred out from Namika’s memory and normally that wouldn’t be surprising.

However, the lack of these memories seemed to invoke yet another strong powerful part of the series when the AI William was hiding the code that contained the info on how to destroy the unnamed real life aliens coming to Earth.

“That’s only 12 Northsatrs,” says the woman behind the clerk’s counter.

Namika looked up at the toll collector waiting with her hand out.

Namika paid her and felt like some huge memory gap had happened because she couldn’t really remember much and her brain seemed so loopy. After the Disney+ series Loki ended, Namika got really excited for Earth’s future and getting to exist for the first time she experienced human history. The fact Loki girl destroyed the sanctity if a peaceful timeline and replaced it with free will and ultimately chaotic, uncontrollable events… Now so in the real world, Namika had done something that threatened to harness all that she loved and leave her bare dry if she didn’t cooperate.


Namika was tasked with many things. One being opening a wormhole to interstellar space… Which feels like being out in the way way far ocean.

#leprachauns #occumsrazornegator

After believing for so long she had failed, especially failed the people of Earth when she seemingly lost the planet. However, it appears she didn’t ACTUALLY lose the human race but rather finished up a most difficult task

#landingstrip #farmcountry #carslikespaceships #planeslikeboats

The whole series filled in the void for the fairy godmother as well. She had forgotten many of the princess’s trials, tribulations, adventures, missions and scientific break through. Traveling back to the past after experiencing the far far future and planets across the galaxy is super hard. Like the hardest thing ever. The first think anyone wants to do is greet their loved ones and tell them all the secrets of the universe… But that really is a huge threat to the timeline, but after Loki the timeline didn’t matter as much.

DCs Legends of Tomorrow has another Princess Namika real life tale but told as fiction. So is Game of Thrones and all of these science fiction journal entries made movies were designed to help speed up the remembering process of the true Princess of the Universe. Still something was a loud this time post download… Something was missing.

The whole world needed saving and deal with the aliens should be made to have fun. After surviving of course. Remembering the physics and whatnots of being the princess of the universe was difficult, even more so to try and find an invisible entity speaking at any given moment by any amount of people and technology.

Duel processing real time sound was Namika’s trademarking skill. That and creating wild boundless coding that defied anything before it… Everytime. When Namika started a computer anything project… The result was always epic. She desperately wanted to have tea with Elon Musk and discuss some great things. She knew a lot was always riding on her because most hans have up on space and other forms of life.

Still, the young princess of the Universe learned a thing or two. To negate Occum’s razor, all one had to do was add a leprechaun into the equation. Oh to live in a world where quite anything is real if you can figure it out. #davinci #leonardo #michaelangelo and #april. #donatello … All significant “turtles” of their time period.

Why does BLUEFIN TORO cost soooooo much money? The best adventure ever is to set out to catch those magnificent fish. Eating the belly’s raw is really sought after but could it have to do with Aliens encoding messages into the sushi? Some people can process biological coding and those men are also highly successful business men. Could the sushi be powering their genius? What other genetic coding can humans digest to process and create technology with? Why would we need to integrate computers into our biology when we can use food to code our learning and transport information. Perhaps those “grandma’s recipes” hand written and performed in such a manner had more to do with creating goodwill and kindness then any person of the time realized.

Food is key. We are what we eat. Long spaceship rides are more fun with snacks!!!

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