Begin: Apocalypse

Sorry kiddos. Tuesday Nov 2nd, 2021 The official announcement of pending doom is released.

Sadly the King of the Universe confessed his lack of love and in doing so the Great Interstellar Star Captain Namika had to fold her galactic hand at the Universal poker table.

“I bet that was hard to do,” said someone.

The Star Captain was heartbroken and furious. Not only was she mad that she folded but was mad because if she hadn’t well, now she would never know. (Something about time travel reminded her this was the right move). She stood up and refrained from kicking over the entire table to spill the pot and startle the remaining players. She looked over at the leering green glowing eyes in the back corner and tried not to smile away her hidden knowledge.

“the Earth is doomed, so let’s make it as quick and painless as possible,” one suggested

“quick? No we want to reoccupy the planet once the hoarders are removed so let us plan this out accordingly… We don’t want to get stuck cleaning up the bodies.” Said a very highly powered voice.

The Princess turned and left in a seeming huff.

#northernlights in breaklights

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