This can’t be happening

So Wanda Vision opened up a whole new chapter in resurrecting the Princess of the Universe’s memories. Forged, a red scarlet witch… The power of chaos and paired with the reading of the card Diana… Very interesting.

“Apparently the new matrix is coming out Dec 22… Uh hum…. I wonder how many of my ideas they will expand upon now that half of humanity has been replaced by downloaded consciousness from across the galaxy and the better half of the natural Borns have left on spaceships taking a massive amount of goods, slaves and medicine and FOOD” spewed the dribblings of an undercaffinated Fairy Godmother.

“oh hush I am still trying to figure out what that all meant, the part with Wanda creating her sitcoms and having the husband life with her dead robot husband she willed back into existence by sheer force overtaken with grief…???”

The princess stared at the fairy godmother with her hands clenched like, really???

“I guess it is a bit similar to the reality matrix you were stuck in “on the island” but I thought that series Lost and The series Travelers covered those points in your memory gap?” She asked therapist like.

“no there was something definitely different about the memory this show reminded me of the echo project and the princess of recreation and the goddess play and her crush on the god Ruckus… Do you remember that journey? The lady gave you a fork and you acted like it was a hairbrush and pretended to be Ariel from the little mermaid, dancing and singing on shakedown?” Said Namika.

“oh yes yes. That time I met … Well… Hahaha… You but in your different ethereal form. When you took me to the moon to gather moonrocks… Like actual rocks not some stupid metaphor slang mumbo jumbo. You were a beautiful skinny blond and like now you didn’t use your voice much to speak but aloud you had warned… In the future timeline we have since veered off course from… You had warned me you couldn’t reveal your identity because the men would seek you out and put you in an asylum and experiment on you as they had done so for ages. You told me how you escaped and it reminded me of that crazy Segal movie… Anyway… You taught me so many lessons and the most important to keep your true identity hidden.”

“oh yeah about that… Um I might have errored in my ways about being anonymous. I have several psuedo allies and friends assuming various mantles under my protections and ordinance s so to keep things running… While the transition to free will cintjuea of course. Oh the conditions of free will and technicalities on permissions, do the humans even know what they are getting themselves into? Will they ever know?” Asked Namika, the alleged soon to be Princess of the Universe once her blood gets confirmed.


Of course so much more had to be done to even win back the realms and unite them again. It had been done before it will happen again. The world’s had merged and travel has sped up and technology climbs exponential ly, as the Earth gears up for it’s next challenge.

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