Too long

Everything on the horizon was overwhelming as the cosmic dust settled across the great star nations. The war was drawing to a head and all seemed like it was going for the good, for the light, but one little rascal was still playing Merry pranks on Earth. The pranks were not as Merry as the Earth humans had hoped for, and so there were a few stray cosmic beauties to intervene and brighten things up just a tad more for the holiday season.


Everyone knew of #santa but how many understood his wife, the Great legend Mrs. Claus? It seems every year her fanbasr grows and her cameo in Santa’s car commercial this year really topped off the Christmas magic in her corner. Something always magical about a human uniting with a puppy.

The Fairygodmother loaded up her Big Brown Dog #Browniedog (on all social media platforms) and hurried yo catch the end of the bright sun shiny December day in the Northeast. It was still quite warm given the time of year, but nothing about 2022 has been normal, so why would the weather be any different.

The spaceships we’re all practicing their formation and getting ready to fly the Princess of the Universe up to the Northpole where she had serious matters to discuss with Santa Claus and he cohort Mrs. Claus. It seems their were far too many Top Players on the naughty list and for certainly Santa ever bothered with those lists himself… No his energy was focused towards the good, the bright and the love.

It would be the Fairygodmother’s task to escort the Princess of the Universe on her latest adventure to seek out the most naughtiest and decide their “eternal punishment” or whatever useful “job” they could preform to redeem themselves and if that wasn’t possible, this Princess of the Universe had uses for their horrible energy in a way that put The Great Sea Witch Ursula’s magic charm to shame.

No energy shall be wasted.

Be Nice or Perish.

The Princess of the Universe was full of Christmas spirit and was ready to battle any bahumbug out there!

The #gnomes vs the #elfs vs the #elves

Gnomes were a shadier variety but so fun, and just as lovable as Elves and all the more eager to do various Christmas tasks to help up their positions on the nice list.

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