This the Seas for a New Year…

The past two years flew by and the adventures and turmoil, loss and trauma was very hard to bare in the 21st century as life on Earth.

Introduction to biomechanics and biological antennas and cameras for further space exploration.the goal to reach interdimensuonal travel before I die. Hoping I will be around 80 when we discover regeneration as a necessity to build all we need to survive as a species. It would just be lovely to get a whole mainstream teaching on board with this post awakening theory of telekinesis and mind jumping information down a physical path in real time.

To finish one’s sentence is a sign of a great friendship and hours upon decades of shared information. The Matrix Ressurections shows the path from which future And present may jump with out even shattering a single person in any time line. The perplexing conundrum of the series Loki and the genius leave off of WandaVision allows the fairytale of the saddest, greatest love story ever told.

Neo and Trinity should be as legendary as Romeo and Juliet, and yet there still remains more epic universe changing love stories to be written. The take of Ruckus and Play is one for the ages and soon there will be enough science fiction explained so that it may be written.

There are layered realities and dimensions but the “one Tru timeline” or as Marvel nicknamed it “the Sacred timeline” now has a version of Vision and Trinity and Neo caring for it by simply living their timeline. That has been the legend but the lore of having three stems far older than modern computers, so where brail is for the blind the matrix is for the open minded but under gifted. Some DNA hatches super hero powers and everyone knows what happened to Jesus, and less forget the sad Civil War of Iron Man and Captain America. The countless evil experiments and wars that broke out over the primitive Earth people’s fighting over technology and Spaceship resources.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the Maya and the Inca we’re here the whole time as they all evolved into the Gods of Asgard? Perhaps the Gods of Olympus still remain or at least their decendants , but perhaps the evolvement of consciousness came at a physical price. For rocks become computers and Rockers become God’s, to get everyone on the same wavelength requires a lot of planning and advancement takes generations.

The rumor of an awakened Prince on Earth trying to return to his love has all of humanity clamoring for technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs to hurry up. Constantly thinking of the bigger picture, thousands upon thousands of scholars set to work on the quantum entanglement dark matter Portal because somewhere in the vast universe the other one who remains, awaits.

2 responses to “This the Seas for a New Year…”

  1. The Marvel movie God 23andMe breakdown, as far as dominant timelines … Refractions of Silvi and Loki of Thor’s older sister AKA the Darkness in CWs Supernatural… But in another timeline she is good and survives strong, where Asgard still threatened by Ragnarok has a twisted new movie spinoff 3 times (all a trilogy but all repeating with different characters)
    Thor and Hera and Loki
    Together on one side fighting for the timeline NEW SACRED as VISION calculated would disuade Thanos and ultimately reset the timeline where as nobody would remember any of the old timelines and they all wake up as people on regular Earth where nobody believes in super heros and technology is as dumb as it is and Tony Stark has to be like “macGyver” and figure out how to build up a new time machine… Or they are all stuck there forever as humans.
    They can rip off the matrix or Collab with them (and Darren aronofski should get in on it) and honestly… The entire thing could end with Thor seeing Jane and them getting Starbucks totally oblivious to all the other Timelines.
    Loki and Silvie live as the rulers of the end of Time and Odin rules Asgard, Hera is next in line and every now and then Thor remembers his parents in Asgard and that he was the great God of Thunder but he gave it all up to live happily ever after on Earth as a human. For under no circumstances was any supernatural or mystical creature to ever interfere with Earth’s original evolutionary timeline. … Even to save it from itself.
    The MIB and SHIELD (SCULLY MULDER and the dudes from Ancient Aliens) all head to THE BUNKER and Sam and Dean have a giant Christmas Party catered.
    Will Smith shows up as Santa.
    Then invite everyone in Hollywood to the filming (and throwing) of the most massive PARTY EVER so the WHAT IF … On Disney plus comes true…

    Timelines changed and merged.

    Doctor Strange and (soon to be announced character) had a huge role in the magical wards to protect Earth… So much so that with proper history restored and no bad guys to foil, so much had to be redone and remembered as “those that remain” found happiness everywhere.

  2. Fringe dealt with the theory of parallel universe jumpers… But timeline jumpers creates a whole new series of unlimited seeming possibilities. Are parallel realities just different timelines but in all essence of all things always being everlasting they are all but one in the same. The forever stone unites and splits severing the cloaking energy from the spirit reattaching the fibers in a healthy turning rope, strong and ever twisting and moving flowing… So in order for Silvie and Loki to be together on the same timeline…the cannot change that which has already past and by going into another timeline he could go back in time change things and then when the time came to merge parallel dimensional timelines the shifting of events from the extraneous timeline would head to the TVA where they could be sent to the end of time and stay… Much like in THE CWs Paragon scenerio…
    It would mean normalization if earth

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