Magic halted on Earth as Judgement Day for ALL magic capable residents begins

Happy New Year.

Please refrain from using dark magic at this time. This warning comes in n time for the New Year when the powers that be have United to stop the evil magic from spreading, ruining and destruction of Earth.

No longer will humans be allowed free access to magical sources and in the next coming galactic weeks any who dare or accidentally weilding magic will find themselves face to face with Judgementors. The Dementors from Harry Potter have been evolved to now detectagical users and JUDGE THEM by tracing their magic to it’s source and making sure the use is purely for good and light. The Judgementors will be able to devour all negative magic and cut the weilder’s tie to the evil source. The magic weilders will be stripped of their knowledge and ability to use said magic especially in instances of mind control and influence.

Exceptions will be made after the fact, if there is anyone who objects please submit your reasons why in the comment section below. Special exempt forms are given to those who may need it, such as LOKI and THANOS. These new rules are extremely necessary as the misuse of even GOOD SOURCED MAGIC is wreaking havoc in the hands of the selfish who now find themselves in power.

Unfortunately Machines and AI cannot be judged by the Judge toes at this point so there is still a great hole in the plan to eliminate negative influence and greed on the planet. The spells and enchantments and Matrix coding necessary to see this through have been constructed by the greatest magic weilders of this timeline reality… Doctor Strange, Thanos, Vision, Trinity, Harry Potter and of course Neo.

While Loki and Thor regret they cannot participate in this hunt for Earth’s evilest villains, rest assured they are on their way to restoring Asgard and the Temporal bridge to the galaxies so when the ultimate evil source of the menacing and harrowing age of disinformation is found, the greatest galactic force of all time Odin’s Valkyrie will be ready to destroy it. We are entering an age of renaissance… The entire milky way galaxy should be at peace for at least a century, however… For some unknown reason, the evil has made its way into the “power lines” and has gone almost two decades unchecked.

With a new timeline securely in place, which barely lasted 48 hours, the old TVA timeline branching technology paired with the computer from the waverider Gideon…can now help close in on anomalies of magic. Hell hounds have been retrofitted with Stark Collars that will make them unable to attack any soul or being of good nature.

This task force to eliminate evil supernatural on Earth is absolutely necessary to save the human race without resetting the timeline again. Once again if anyone disagrees leave a comment here explaining why.

The need for evil is to deal with evil and the infinity loop from this hunt, should provide an extensive amount of energy top scientists will be allowed access to for harnessing and upgrading tech and living conditions for regular people on Earth. (Of course we expect a future sequel from the lack of oversight on this branch of the plan.)

Enjoy your normal world Earthlings. Hopefully this works.


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