Eternals and the Celestials and my intergalactic homework

I was there when they discovered 4d and I was there to help them figure out 5D and when they finally came up with 7d I had quite a few friends with me to recognize the seven dimension. But all of the direction of conversations and silence and everything that I took in with my eyes and processed with my ears with the people around me, still had to trickle down through many supercomputers and brilliant minds before it would come back to me as the way I may understand it so it may further inspire my overactive imaginative brain.


Before watching eternals I had started on a project to figure out how to open the portals of wormholes connecting wormholes so that people could try and reverse time and also transverse time and space but mostly because the Earth is in Jeopardy again from a source that is beyond my blind third eye, but the calling of the movie led me to stop trying to figure that out because my starting point was using the Roman dice face configuration of the spots on it representing numbers. Dice have been legend to exist before numbers and I found that very curious so I thought there must be some very important hidden knowledge behind the reasoning for those numbers being the way they are.

I never like to just look up the answers or work that other people did because it changed my own imagination of where I go with it and so I went with my pen and my notebook and doodled and doodled some ideas based on some silly content and concepts, but then I just had to stop and watch the movie and I had to stop the movie a lot to take notes.

Hear the princess of the universe and I thought we were going to go rescue mortals from The Matrix and then we see what the eternals are up to and now she has different ideas.

I suggested perhaps The Matrix is directly related to the eternals and it might behoove us to try and get a better understanding of the Matrix especially why she was aware of her powers.

For me the movie provided the very best self-satisfaction because the two characters at the very end and their names well here’s what I put on Facebook:

Was doing random “non-“Voldemort”” research about Dice and their origin. The numbers on the dice intrigue me and learned that dice pre-date numbers! Had me thinking of quantum entanglement and opening the wormholes for teleportation… Something to occupy the Einstein urges… Then when I realized #Eternals came out on Disney plus today I had to watch it.
In my book the future children go to school where ever they are and can access ages of information on any dimention but the best lectures and courses are often similar to modern day blockbuster movies.
Where else are you going to get inspiration and what better way to learn, but future brains are also more “in tune” with information packets sent through the recording and playback and thus get extra bonus content.
I am not one of those people,however when I was working on my Roman dice configuration and trying to map it out in a 3d perspective from the Pips (the dots on the die are called Pips) so I can translate the formations of Pups as though they were people. And using the method of dice rolling see all the different ways to entangle the Pips during conversation while also factoring in “spiral weight” which is a term I made up (may be called something else in math or science in this day and age but I don’t know) to figure out how the Key fits into the Key Hole to both create and open up vector portals to … Quantum entangle and eventually teleport. I don’t know enough obviously, but I was very convinced the way dice roll and the opposite sides of each face can be replicated using standing formations of people and simple conversation. Measuring quantum particles is tricky. Here’s why:
In quantum mechanics, the measurement problem is the problem of how, or whether, wave function collapse occurs. The inability to observe such a collapse directly has given rise to different interpretations of quantum mechanics and poses a key set of questions that each interpretation must answer.

I thought maybe if I could translate Roman dice formations and utilize the various ways in which they rotate or roll, calculate all possibilities as if the dice was see through and playing connect the dots, one could inference the measurement as a formula could be made.
Oh words are so tricky.

Also in the future the most important and lengthy information can be transmitted “into the brain” using light and sound. (In the book, Most future classes are concerts–as a physical event can access multiple dimensional teaching, learning, studying and even voluntarily becoming part of an experiment to further learning for others)

Anyway, the kicker was…

At the very end of the movie.
(Notice my notes have “arrows” of the Pips) Eros sound like arrows, and Eros uses arrows (to make people fall in love)

And my assignment was to translate the Biden formations of Roman Faced Dice to modern day people formations and conversation flow.

Love is the key.

Now the quest begins to find “the KeyHole”

First probably need to find the door.

Arrows “Eros” and Pip

Sober and fasting makes the brain think to think impossible things and anyway to find the way to make them possible.

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