The Matrix Grandkids making the real world into a TV show to rescue artists from The Matrix

have never been so excited about something happening in space as the James Webb Telescope getting to his destination. Coincidentally the princess of the universe and her sidekick the Fairy Godmother are going on an insane mission to travel back into the Matrix and free some more beautiful artistic souls and wake them up to a world that’s even greater than they’ve ever been told could ever be possible.

There’s so many amazing characters spread across the galaxies and for whatever reason they haven’t been able to come together and unite for a single cause and a long time but the destruction on Earth is eminent and every single mission of time travel has failed and the Earth in 2022 is proceeding on course to the apocalypse and there is hardly anybody left to stop it. So the only way to fix it is going to have to be to remake it and so the princess of the universe and the Fairy Godmother went out to find the princess of recreation and the goddess play who happened to probably be the same person but not always at the same time.

Quantum physics and quantum entanglement is the new hype and it is the key to hyper light speed. Once again the Fairy Godmother Drew strength on her childhood tails of that famous human man Hollywood fiction legend MacGyver. Her other favorite fictional character Dr doogie howser just happened to be starring in The Matrix resurrections as the therapist to Neo and it made the princess of the universe laugh so hard because she understood the irony of having a childhood fake doctor played the therapist to the greatest most powerful mind in The Matrix.

All humorous side the girls had a lot to do and it was going to be really really really hard and it seemed impossible especially with the princesses memory problem and have sometimes when she would go into the hibernating sleep and wake up and not even remember anything sometimes she wouldn’t even remember if she had super powers– which is an understatement for her powers. Luckily the Fairy Godmother had some tricks up her sleeve to help keep the princess happy and believing that love is everywhere because love is the key always has been and always will.

One of the best things to do on the spaceship is to tap into the Earth’s dreams every single planet that loves to party just absolutely adores Earth and the creative genius arts of it. The earthlings were clueless to how big the Galaxy was and for one reason or another probably because their own minds just simply can’t handle it, they were completely oblivious to anything greater than their primitive civilization on a dying planet. The planet wasn’t supposed to die it was supposed to live for many many eons unfortunately man had a few greedy rotten apples who decided to keep technology from people and instead of letting humans develop better ways to do what they need done that was more healthy for both their bodies and the planet, a vicious cycle of greed and corruption kept winning the power. There is a beautiful closed group on Facebook called the power went out: heated topics welcome. It was a place where those who had complaints could speak freely and post funny means about all of the struggles that humanity faced while living in the biggest lie since the Matrix and many of them living in Matrix like scenarios totally unaware.

So what’s the princess of the universe in Fairy Godmother got to Earth they were going to have to try to wake up the sleeping eternal souls of all of those beautiful powerful entities that we’re going to be the army against annihilation. As the Fairy Godmother remember she thought that maybe Disney plus was going to air something called the eternals and it might even be on today and so without even having seen it she was just so excited that she had thought about something similar to go experience. The princess of the universe and the Fairy Godmother exchange telekinesis conversation in which they debated whether they should watch the eternals or if they should just go to the Earth and figure it out on their own. Whatever they did they didn’t want to repeat of any of the disasters that were predicted.

If only the princess of the universe could reunite with Loki or at least the god of ruckus who they like to call Ruckus. Another problem of the Earth right now is the veil of illusion that prevents both the princess and the Fairy Godmother from using their powers in front of anybody who might notice that they “weren’t from around here” and there was the decree placed on the planet that no supernatural power would be able to be used for 2022 without special written permission.

The princess of the universe being the rebel she is and having unlimited power just figured that it would be a fun game to use her powers to trigger the force of the Judgmenters and then have some of her favorite friends use their powers, combined, to transform them into soldiers of freedom.

To be continued…

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