Happy Birthday Uncle Technogy

The Fairygodmother woke up feeling like Thanos was onto a great idea. Balance the scales. However, he was all wrong in how to do it.social media surfing led to a myriad of finds including the Daniel telescope in Hawaii studying Earth’s surface and the almost completion of James Webb Telescope getting to its position for photoshoots back in time. It would’ve been the Fairygodmother’s Uncle Tech’s 60th birthday.

She called him Uncle Technology because his super computer human brain advanced the world far faster than it would have without him existing on the earthly surface. Still he is survived by his family and so she reached out to them today to let them know she cared and was also missing him.

Her cousin, Little Tech … A joking nickname for him because he was indeed the essence of “BIG TECH” and actually so so so much bigger in the grand universal scheme. She started writing him a heartfelt thought about how she desperately wanted to bring Uncle Tech back to Earth in his original body form. After writing it though,she decided not to send it. However the words sparked such a frenzy intergalactically to honor them in this “Tales From a 21st Century Fairygodmother” Blockchain Ed WordPress seemed important.

AS FOLLOWS: 1/21/2022A.D.

“I just have to imagine he is everywhere there is the fight for good, light, love and advancement. I like to imagine that he is working at speeds faster than light with limitless brain power of all who still remain and through his energy and vision, though we cannot know for sure, he lives on. By releasing his spirit from the body the entire world will have access to his knowledge, ideas and draw inspiration. And someday, we may even get to see evidence of it. Maybe a line in a tv show or a great feat accomplished by humanity. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten. I hope you have found him popping up in unexpected and expected places and I really, really, really wish I could invent Tony Stark’s time machine for you.
The real problem with time travel is that there is no way to keep people in the same place to go back to,so while you can go back in time there isn’t a way to coordinate past versions of people. Sentient beings are in constant motion, so maybe using the time stone and a time machine navigating bracelet and a vessel … It could be possible to gather the essence of a person from where they once existed and allow them to transfer into the vessel. The vessel could be made identical using DNA reconstruction and predictive algorythms could mimic vital life functions as though if in a coma and the essence could be harnessed and gathered… I would imagine much like how Vision was born.
Yet having experienced the cosmos and limitless freedom and power, would a simple human brain be able to handle that much “memory”?
So the process of fine picking out “nuggets” from a past life verses the life after death experiences would take great strength and computing.
It could be done.
Heck, if I can figure out that much of it the laws of science, math and music with super computers could do the heavy lifting.
In order to activate/achieve such a feat, humanity has to reach an age of peace and prosperity where people simply have no worry. So it may be up to the superbrainiacs in Japan and all of this horrible experimentation in China. Every horrible thing happening right now might just have had to happen so that mankind can reach the age of immortality.
(Little do we know that we already have done this)

What is in a name?

English is the universal language of the cosmos. It has a funny Rosetta stone. Humor is key and Love is the drive. Open the door to limitless knowledge.

We all may know everything but merely forgot to make way for new memories and faster processing.


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