Oh my, the memory of the princess journal puzzles

Hmmm…. The ink A empire. New York state of mind but the adventures through space and time and worlds of best society has to offer and talent of earth love and storm troopers started clear.

The flower hammer weilded by Starlord and Thor was capable of making many words protected from space weather and generously filled with elemental “magic” to rebuild and construct the various pijts on Earth’s great civilization period to remake the planets over and over again and travel in eternity destined to repeat itself but slight different yet the theories rage on to infinite.

We continue forward all of us using the interwebs and reliance on a failsafe system of continuity that overlaps the deletions of unused time space. Through the loops of through looping and time weaving the more magnificent multidimensional lifebreeders will be surpassing mile ial ceremonial translation knowledge drop.

MapQuest much?


Special gifts come with special secrets because knowledge is power and some knoedge is too harsh to keep realities of those less open minded in tact. Urgh the strange I’d the brain.emily the strange always revealed a destiny parallel universes often etch upon the

Cookin fringes of overlapping coincidence. Just a trace of deja Vu but like all things looped the through points are days of circle like lull Patterson. As faster than light travel is still rare as fck

Cooking the SCOBY OF #KOmBUCHA


There were oejs to healthy Scoobies having good yummy babies especially once the digestive benefit from eating them really kicks in. Losing weight using the time traveling technique of the first ever hula hoop powered time machine! (And also invented the first through loop active space)

What fun it was to see the artificial reward of a real time and space in which to see the Earthly man of Jupiter in the year to come. Yet last of the ofuture and the food is always scarce in space. Even planets well lived can lack nutrient dense fruits and vegetables.

It was one of the reasons the super heros United in the greater capers of saving the Earth.

Honoring the Earth planet in many galaxies through tie each city ship would also have it’s feature city on its own planet so driving to nearby cities would be actually transversing galaxies but the new electric cars made it super easy to digitize brains across through creation of manipulation of “primordial ooze” but no one wants to be an “avatar” so much like burning an NFt some people would burn their originals making their duplicates the originals taking karma and life after death and immortality to a whole officially awe full shade of grayscale… I just dmfind it simpler to agree faster than light travel of actual matter has yet to be discovered in all timelines so all temporary time ships have to nano first.


Please foow my blog as the bookay never get finished as life lived and stories well done are often the tales of time that manifest all over everywhere. Each piece of perspective to a greatpuzzle



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