Doctor Strange my inspiration and oh Wanda

Let me tell you the Fairy Godmother was more excited than ever to be a fairy godmother because having all the friends in the universe with all these incredible Powers was such an honor and to be able to tell their stories was just exciting but more exciting was the adventures happening till actually live. Wanda and vision the story of Marvel just made Captain Marvel even that much more exciting because every single sci-fi story that the princess of the universe watches she gets inspired. I’ve come to tease her and call myself her Butler because I’m constantly trying to make sense of all of the things that are happening because there is no timeline order and I started using I.


There is another WordPress for my blog and diary and that is where I like to share more of my personal side of living the fairy tale but this blog is reserved for the fairy tale.


The super bowl commercial of Doctor Strange the sequel and the multiverse with the little clips of Wanda inspired Namika. It seems some ancient aliens had returned to the present day Earth and were a little mad that they no longer had as much land as they did when they left light years ago which they’re light years could be Earth years, months, weeks, decades it’s a complicated calculus type math problem that doesn’t need to be sorted out at the moment. It does take time though for the galactic council to gather and discuss the boundaries and how the current population of the Earth planet should not be disturbed as their homeostasis and fragile balance of peace and serenity leads to Great imaginative Tales and wondrous new invention.

The Fairy Godmother often thought out the company of the great space pirate and warrior Namika because she was also a great philosopher as well as a fighter. Since the universe has so many loose ends and constantly changing interdimensional crossovers there can only be a few people who can understand and navigate timelines. New schools and educational systems townships and spaceships have been set up to help create more of these Noble enlightened workers but the process is very slow and painstaking and most people just cannot handle the unimaginable. The 21st century tale of Doctor Strange truly remarkably captured the current state of events.

The teaser of the trailer of the movie during the super bowl commercials was all that was necessary to inspire the next great adventure. Putting aside or loss at the poker table of Galactic Grand council and being able to simply snap fingers and restart a timeline made life super easy for superheroes these days. What adventure would come this week? How long would it take the Princess of the Universe to remember who she is and how to use her great “powers” and if live could be found before the whole memory reset issue happened again. Luckily the princess of the Universe had her Grate friends, all through time and the galaxies and multiple dimensions to help her really thrive and love even when she was grasping at the straws of once memories. The Fairygodmother often had a broken heart, as an empathy of the utmost magnitude, all of the pain and frustrations were felt and also heightened by witnessing the story unfold.

The night the Princess of the Universe perceived to lose the Earth in a galactic game of poker was now completely.irrelevant as she had snapped her fingers and all was well again. She had the ultimate control as if accessing the Conspirator program took micro seconds, instead of the many moons and endless nights and consistent through loops experienced from her crew which included the Fairy Godmother and captain namika of the Starship New York and 8star Admiral of the USSA Starfleet. Now the big focus was on generating peace and love and creativity. The demand for entertainment was endless as soon many space travelers craved entertainment as they traverse the Stars in all of the timelines and all of the futures. The means to fund the empresses new technological innovation and advancement for Earth had nothing standing in its way now that the movies celestials had cracked the skull of the princess of the universe and she seemingly prepared for any side effects of advancing the current civilization. To be continued…

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