Day 2: tracking UV PEAKS with SWL board

Things were getting distracting as the Fairyg was on the hunt for correlation and proof the Earth’s magnetosphere was in danger!! 3gM had noticed other peaks in Nov 2021.

South Albany Airport FBO – KNYSELKI21

He noticed Nov 12, 15 and 16 at Featherstonhaugh so checking other PEAKED STATIONS THAT PEAKED WOTH THE M1FLARE OF VALENTINES 2022… COULD IT BE THAT the UV peak was missed by instruments if they weren’t recording or in the exact right location or does it hit different parts of Earth at different times? Or is it nothing at all?

KHILAIE4 in Hawaii also peaked on Feb 14th 2022 but it did not peak on the dates that Mike had noticed for featherstonhaugh New York, but did read high UV ranges and higher solar radiation. checked the popular x flare of 2021 date on Halloween and lo and behold peaks!

Idaho peak reading post mflare

Post mflare looking at new stations data could only find that one peak above.

Northern wind gusts have anything to do with solar flares?

Ok so what do northern lights and northern sudden winds have to do with Mflares in this area?

It’s addictive looking for data. To what end though?

Scrolling around the Cape of course Chatham and Dennis had stations with Peaks!

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