Third day looking for UV Peaks and the sun activity space weather relations.

All this data is to share with everyone how some places on Earth have strong increases in UV and Solar Radiation. In the center of wind swirls seems to be the weather stations that get the PEAKED UC READINGS meaning higher than 11 for whatever reason.

It is something to continue to investigate but if ultraviolet is reaching the surface at these high levels what is it an indication of?

Could this be another aspect of global change… More so do these intense UV readings have any influence on wild fires?

Are they related to solar flares? Coronal Mass Ejections? Geomagnetic storms?

Is our technology changing our magnetosphere?

Is this going to happen often and are the UV readings going to increase?

Is our technology aggravating the sun?

Maybe it wasn’t important but it sure was a phenomena the Fairy G was not to thrilled to have been outside in. What were the chances on two days of researching and looking up the UV readings Mflares went off?

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