Alarming UV and Solar Radiation in February

Local readings today are abnormally high locally. It has me worried. Using the cell phone so much to track data might be why my eyes and skin on my face and hands hurt, but the loss of vision is concerning me. I can still see but it seems like everything is getting darker and in the dark it’s much harder to see than usual. I must take a break from electronics but here are today’s UV and solar radiation reports. This seems to be a localized event happening in only some areas of the world, and while I am close to honing in on how to find these areas I fear I may never get it done.

Also if you look at the patterns in UV and solar radiation fluctuations at this particular station you can see a timing of events of sorts. Lingering protons, neutrons, space weather energy particles probably lingering and so that each time of day when this part of the planet ligns gets exposed to again. However I learned that a CME over the limb did occur today.

It is sad there is no one studying UV fluctuations in response to solar eruptions and CIR because I believe nobody in the scientific world thinks it occurs!

The UV “PEAKS” might be an indicator that something is just “shorting out” or preventing the instruments from collecting data… And maybe not actual UV increases like I previously theorized. Or maybe it is just aimentary influx of intense solar radiation and UV… Who knows?

Here are some interesting tidbits that may or may not be relevant to why technology and communications and developments of satellite networks could have accidentally triggered these “momentary holes in the atmosphere” if that is what is happening. Hopefully not.

Also the weather was truly bizarre the past week. Yesterday it was kinda warm but the snow melted at an unusual rate in an unusual way. Then the clouds seem to have vaporized above this area despite the fact we were predicted to get big snow. This little spot on Earth is a vortex of some kind I am pretty sure.

Not sure if this is normal but look at this storm progression.. or the way it disappears seems to have just shifted off radar.

Ok well I finally found something that may explain these elevated readings and that they may be space weather related!

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