Carrington Event over the limb sun space weather affects humans at ground level

I am not the only one concerned with UV readings post space weather events


UVC at ground level? Why? Why are they recording summertime levels in winter?

I really enjoy MRMB333 YouTube videos! I have spent 4 days in a row looking at various weather station readouts on wunderground dot com and finding abnormal solar radiation and UV readings (see my other posts) and I was very concerned that our atmosphere protection has been diminishing. I was even curious if actual holes in the atmosphere were being temporarily created but proving that is beyond my scope of memory and ability at this time. I have only been researching this for about a week and just started following space weather since the x-flares on Halloween 2021.

The Aurora colors are easily seen from this particular location in upstate New York. The wind and bizarre temperature fluctuations are curious and becoming more extreme. It is a new hobby now to monitor UV readings and see if there might be actual reason to protect our bodies even more when huge solar events happen and maybe not even huge xflare but compounded solar activity events.

There is so much to learn but it saddens me that nobody else seems to be concerned with the threat of seeing evidence of space weather at ground level.

#uvc #uvpeaks

Those were today’s readings and the way the temperature dropped and the north wind barged in with such massive angry chilling forces, once again it was really easy to imagine it was an affect from the sun’s explosive activity. (The other night a huge explosion of plasma created a halo effect around our sun and while the CME wasn’t Earth facing it was impressive!) Then 2 comets fell into the sun as well.


That sunspot will be coming around all too soon and whether or not it tosses plasma at Earth Ike it did in that video is anyone’s guess. There is limited technology to give us any warning and we have not prepared humanity and society for such an event. If our magnetosphere and atmosphere are compromised when a CME of that calibur occurs we could be looking at more than just technological damage, but I seem to be the only one concerned.

I totally get Chicken Little’s point of view now.

Now more than ever I wish the stories of sci Fi were real. I wish I could just call Captain Marvel and have her help Earth out and I wish we had a hundred Tony Stark’s working on solar shielding technology. I wish the gov’s would stop fighting over borders and people living fuller lives to produce working days that produced technology and changes that better the Earth and society instead of just living hand to mouth. Everything needs to change but what will it take for humanity to shift it’s focus? Most friends be like, “Well if the Earth ends, the Earth ends. Nothing we can do about it.” Also, the satelites in our orbit have to be taken down and all the space junk and debris cleared. The use of 5g should be dismantled and hopefully our magnetosphere will be preserved. Kind of seems silly that #AncientAliens hasn’t done an episode to explain how our ancient ancestors mad the magnetosphere for Earth. Also seems silly that nobody is trying to invent a way to create a magnetosphere for another planet just in case we get the ability to leave Earth in mass droves. Nobody seems to have though the magnetosphere is anything but a chance result of cosmic formation. Still maybe Mars will teach Earthlings the future of society and life on Earth with the evidence they finally find when they get there. I can only hope.


So why did I stop painting and writing creative sci Fi stories and switch gears to research the UV phenomena? Sudden sunburn and the temporary loss of vision scared the crap out of me and when I looked at the local weather station’s readings it excited me on this data hunting journey to see if there was anything to actually support why I got such a sunburn in less than ten minutes outside. 1982 proton event is my next core research and seeing if there are UV peaked readings at times of other planes falling out of the sky. Also to try to disprove the idea 5g is making Swiss cheese out of our atmosphere and/or satelites are disrupting our magnetosphere protection!

Luckily the compounded space weather events seem more to blame since some events on top of other events and others not closely monitored are endless possibilities as to why this is happening but space weather is penatrating ground level so what other space particles are now getting down to business? Who is going to protect the Earth now that Tony Stark and Captain America are gone?

Princess NAMIKA and the USSA Starlight? Maybe the Brazilian Brigadeers? Definately King John of the Universe and the Grate Wellfleetian Starfleet!!! May the magnetosphere be with you all!

Godbless America! Godbless the Earth!

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