Feb 15th CME and High UV readings at ground level PEAKED UV

Could this be documentation of the CME hitting ground level?




Keep being challenged by folks at the SWL message board I decided to apply my working formula for finding weather stations sensitive and prone to space weather events. Compounding events changes the way the particles hit the earth and result in changing UV fluctuations. Since today there were clearly swirling patterns on the world’s globe I looked at one of the three intersecting swirl patterns and where the wind seemed to spiral in… Clicked around a few stations noticing recognizable space weather impact wave graph depictions (flat topped low levels that go up and down tend to happen after the station was hit head on with a major UV PEAK reading and then the new wave pattern is a result of compounding events I presume).

Sure enough in a matter of minutes I found one that had a UV Peak on Feb 15 2022!


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