Going off like a super volcano lo and behold… UV PEAKS and increase solar radiation around Earthquake areas today

While a station may only have some minor reflections to space weather events such as coronal mass ejection, CIR and solar flare activity such as the one linked below…. https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KMTCASCA30/graph/2022-02-11/2022-02-11/daily

Other weather stations in particular have very significant UV and Solar radiation readings that not only reflect the pattern of which space weather events occured this month in February but are also having an increased amount of UV and Solar Radiation for this time of year. The UV PEAKS may be a sign the equipment was overloaded or perhaps the reading was temporarily too high for the device. At this point in my research I just have been using the UV PEAKED indicators to find stations that do in fact show signs of being influenced by space weather.

The past week has been exciting with a giant solar eruption on the far side two nights ago and comet’s even falling into the sun! Prior to that there were three M class solar flares reported 2/12 2/14 and 2/15. There was a triple filament eruption on 2/13.

On 2/11 1800 UTC an Interplanetary Shockwave and G1 storm

Spaceweather.com reported that the Earth would be passing through the remnants from the CME on 2/19 and Aurora were observed in a minor G1 storm

On 2/6 a long duration Solar Flare occured from approx 8:45a.m. through 11:45a.m. EST

Now prior to Feb 6th, 2022 there were also numerous strange occurrences believed to be related to the CME that happened at 22:21 UTC including 40 satelites that dropped out of orbit on Feb 4th during launch. It is still being investigated as to why.

Below is a series of data collected from late January to current day Feb 18, 2022 at a Montana location. Started looking over that way due to all the #Earthquakeswarms and the investigation is still underway to see if there are weather stations near the #earthquakes have these same UV Peaks and elevated levels of solar radiation. Also to see if the patterns of their recordings mimic the patterns of other weather stations around the world are recording. ( A painstaking process because the materials from the sun do not hit the Earth in a precise known pattern-to the best of my knowledge- and because the Earth is rotating and spinning so each event that occurs will have to happen at different times across the globe.) See for yourself at https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KMTHELEN246

What does it mean?

Next few days should get interesting as a very active sun spot comes around to be Earth facing

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