More data to support the idea the UV data collection on Earth’s surface can be used as a seismograph for better understanding spaceweather and ground impact I’d Solar flares

The data is always surprising but the patterns of vibrational impacts in the form of UV readings at weather stations posted throughout the globe can reveal exactly when the CME or spaceweather event hits the surface. Mostly it is believed that UV readings shouldn’t be heavily influenced by spaceweather because our atmosphere absorbs most of it, however with circulating and fluctuating OZONE and high winds there seems to be vortex points created (noticibly following major forest fire and volcanic areas… More research to be done) and the data is looking to shape up to also reflect multiple spaceweather events compounding and how they really unexpectedly work together to create “perfect storm” scenerios in some unfortunate small localized areas on Earth.

Absolutely fascinating research I cannot stop but I wish I knew more and wish I understood why I cannot find anyone else on the internet noticing this. It might be that I am simply wrong but I have gotten really good at finding these “SWEET SPOT” weather stations and truly believe if enough data is processed and used in algorythms, we can get really good at preventing Earth diaasterous weather and earthquakes and volcanoes, or at least know when they might be more likely.

How long has this phenomena of space weather particles been happening, I can only imagine it has gotten more extreme rather recently as most searches reveal very little information of anyone extrapolating data in this way.

Here are some weather reports paired with the world maps to see how the patterns of world winds and small localized varying winds can help pinpoint the stations that record best and are most likely to get direct first impact or early warning UV PEAKS if not real time UV PEAKS from solar weather events.

Compounded events of Feb 2022 make the data difficult to interpret but also made very unique patterns of UV documented reading shapes and wave patterns that are seen mimicked across the board at other “sweet spot” weather stations. may not have the most reliable readings and there is still much to check to validate but I am pretty confident this discovery will advance the age of Spaceweather and predictability of natural disasters and may open up the idea that we do not necessarily need an xflare event to have diaasterous consequences on Earth, but compounded space weather events weaken our protection in localized places.

Here is a great location to analyze. With maps of daytime ozone and nighttime ozone and records of It v and solar radiation in graphic wave form. Looking at atmospheric conditions and winds the pattern of when and how the CME and other space weather has influenced Hawaii here

There is still much to look into but this looks like it could be a way to calculate the effects of Spaceweather on Earth and Earth’s weather patterns. It also raises an alarm that perhaps the ozone hole above the Arctic has spread out and forms Swiss cheese or waffle fry ozone holes scattered through the world accumulating on places very vulnerable to natural disaster.

Now look at the last couple days on the other side of the planet on Long Island New York and look at the cloud pattern how it seems to have vaporized rather quickly almost seemingly as if in response to receiving a blast from the sun!!! (In the maps above Japan you can see the circle like shape of missing cloud coverage)

Other Long Island NY stations. Using the UV PEAKS to indicate the brunt of the blow the rest of the UV and Solar Radiation readings should reflect accordingly in varying intensity, but the actual math formula still needs work. The Fairyg UV CME Impact Model hopefully can be proven as a way to monitor when, where and in real time CME and other space weather events as they hit Earth’s surface.

So that #UVPEAK seems to have happened when it was dark which may be an indicator it is a reflection of a CME soon on the horizon 2/19/2020

People should be made aware immediately that ground UV and solar radiation levels can PEAK pre, during and post CME so the public can be prepared. Areas more likely to be impacted can be notified as more of this data becomes analyzable.

Thank you for reading. Email me at if you are interested in helping explore this new “ground” breaking theory!

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