Dead birds fall out of sky in Spain UVPEAKS and spaceweather mini ozone holes to blame?

If you have been following along this week I am way too far down the rabbit hole to stop. Everything I find leads me to believe I am onto a huge breakthrough in how the Earth is bamboozled by spaceweather and our defenses are not what they used to be. UV PEAKS are being recorded all over the world in a seemingly pattern to events like CME and coronal holes. Even solar flares when compounded seem to be making extreme weather phenomena sweeping funnels of energy into mini holes allowing intense UV onto the ground. Previous entry had some data of stations reporting intense solar radiation and UV PEAKS and fluctuating readings that appear to be related when the energy released from solar storms hits the surface of the earth making it through the atmosphere. It is my belief that this localized phenomena happens under a certain criteria of “perfect storm” solar events. Looking back on the Incident in Spain found some unusual readings in the station nearby but there were no stations recording UV at the time exactly close to the location the birds dropped dead midflight. As I have mentioned this is rare (but proving not too rare as the days pass in Feb 2022). It is also a very tiny spot on Earth when perfect conditions exist and I still have no way to prove it. Just look at the data and see for yourself the wild bizarre fast fluctuations of dew point and temperature in accordance with UV and solar radiation fluctuations. The pattern is also very intriguing as the solar CME or was whatever solar events responsible seem to be measured by the slow spinning earth as the wavelength of the light beam, or UV beam gets recorded. Since it isn’t a constant stream of energy but a portion of n eruption, it of course would have varying intensities and also interact with predecessors- other space weather intense beams sent to Earth. Fascinating rabbit hole.

A giant CME was expected to reach Earth around this time

Since neither location are exactly where the birds fell, at the hospital seen on Google maps there, but two instances of #UVPEAKS are noted at both stations (at different times) it could be calculated (by my developing formula) that perhaps there was an atmospheric event above the area where the birds were flying by that briefly exposed them to either a varying sudden pressure, x rays, gamma rays, intense UV rays or any other space weather that may have hit them full on.

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