Thinking about the circle of clouds around the house

That song why does it always rain on me always made me laugh as it seemed the sun was always shining above me and today the clouds formed a circle around my backyard.

This evenings sunset followed by green colors from the radiating Northern Lights far due east of this area but still the essence of them can be seen. These are all fr tonight!


That’s the nickname I gave to this cabin hide away. It gets very very cold and when the wind picks up something fierce, giant snow drifts and sometimes a foot or more of snow in any given storm! Blowing from snowdrifts daily winter life can sure feel tundra like. Yet the days it warms up… Today the 26 degrees Fahrenheit felt like Spring! But it was the sun keeping things feeling good. It did some fun stuff these past three days and you can see it in the video

That was what was happening at a good vantage point tonight
Over in #theLittleArctic
#auroraborealis #sunset
2/19/2020 #theLittleArctic

Tonight was truly cool when the night sight feature on my Google Pixel 4 captured the ambient light of the tops of the #auroraborealis

Only a KP1!!! BUT THE ANGLE AND COLD CLEAR DARK SKIES… With a Little help of technology and a good camera you can see things far far away that are really really bright. Plus the sun did all sorts of cool stuff this week and month that there are wild things happening in this earth.

This one was just after dusk and since it is faintly flashing in brightness to the naked eye I used a technique to bring out the colors using adjusting black and white levels and HDR then contrast brightness and saturation to try and show what I see once the eyes adjust to darkness.

I have been looking into how solar eruptions hit the surface because apparently that isn’t supposed to happen but the atmosphere is seemingly not sun bullet proof anymore. Look at these pictures I found pointed out by other fans of MRMB333


The Arctic ozone hole may have scattered in our atmosphere or any other number of bizarre theories could be true but here is one I am hooked on today.

What if ozone when collected in density and in small areas depletes the ozone in a pattern across earth so when solar events such as Coronal Mass Ejections hit the Earth… Parts of the earth get focused beams of energy? It could help to explain why UV meters all over the world are catching glimpses of the solar radiation heat signatures as recorded as they take their measurements through the day.

So the northern winds blow fiercely and swirl around the globe and this pushed the ozone into pockets. maybe they look like Swiss cheese but I propose more like waffle fries. Evidence could be like cloud formations such as these


On regular days when the sun has no spots or very little activity we don’t really notice the difference in atmosphere. (And I use that term loosely because my study is supposed to remain UNBIAS and observational) there could be a problem with the magnetosphere but whatever is allowing such intense sun in so quickly still could be something entirely normal that a weatherman can explain.

I am offering an outside perspective.

Mrmb333 image modified for color

That to me looks like a wave possibly from extreme heat or energy that is flowing through, as the Earth turns it would of course disappear as everything in our planet’s sky influences each other. Once again this seems to be a very localized tiny area so maybe at the top it’s a small hole but once the beam of energy penetrated the hole it spread out into it’s wave form as seen by the clouds reacting to it’s presence.

If these holes weren’t always constantly moving or opening and closing maybe science would have found them by now. Maybe it’s just the compounded series of space weather events making the atmosphere more vulnerable but the previous post about the areas with all the dead birds having UV readings at stations that also resembled wave signatures passing by satelites from Solar Eruptions.

I think I have found a way to figure out where these holes may be found when the solar emissions hit Earth. There seems to be spirals that form on the map, and I would imagine that is our planet’s reaction to coming into contact with a powerful stream of solar increases energy as result of space weather. Such as when we get the Aurora.

Also the same parts of Earth on the same parts during the day tend to keep the same swirling pattern but shift dramatically as sun sets. Then the swirls collide and where three swirls meet or converge you can see circles forming. This is how the ozone probably accumulates. Then when more space weather events occur they begin to overlap. With extreme concentrations of ozone they dissapate but should be in recognizable patterns of clouds disappearing as sun reaches the clouds in the shapes of the weekend atmosphere. Depending on the intensity of the beam will determine how quickly clouds evaporate or even get sucked through a funnel and out somewhere else.

It is very beyond my scope of weather understanding at this point but the origin of these extreme vortex come from the blasts hitting the Earth and I do believe this is studied .

What may be under played is how much the sun’s bursts influence the initial shock wave creating these swirls and that perhaps a temporary shielding of a small area of the planet could ultimately prevent extreme hurricanes. Like if satelites were to hold a temporary shield made of solar reflecting material.

It would only be needed during times of space weather events which also need to be better understood and studied. This little effort and relief from the solar storm would be enough to save trillions in damage by preventing natural disaster without permanently changing our atmosphere or environment.

There are some points on Earth that are consistently more vulnerable to the Sun’s fury and those can clearly be seen on the globe with hurricanes, volcanoes, and Forrest fires.

For the most part the oceans seem to get the brunt of solar attacks, but lately Australia and America have been on fire. If the holes in the above these areas could be corrected then UV and solar energy wouldn’t be able to pass through them (in a magnifying sort of way) lighting up the crisp, Ripe for fire, ground below. Since these areas are thinned atmosphere or have scattered micro #wafflefrysky holes it could be assumed they would have less cloud cover and rain.

The shift from night to day and day to night creates a fractal like effect of the energies influencing the Earth’s magnetic field. Rarely there comes a point when the shield is down and CME errupts and it might be when there is a coronal hole and the eruptions… Still have to research.

But if the magnetetisphere and the atmosphere are both compromised overlapping, what would happen and how would it look inside the atmosphere peering up from the ground as a human? At what angle would starnge visuals be seen? These are curious times with weather and I only hope it is a fluke that I stumbled across and this doesn’t keep happening.

I will keep observing.

Here are today’s observations. The wonderful blue hole in the sky.

The hole in the clouds (probably from lake) but it comes and goes

Map view

KNYDELAN43 is the blue dot
To the left of the blue dot you can see some breaks in the clouds like three holes and the pink lines mean high winds and they vortex around Michigan.the center of the bigger spiral with lack of cloud pattern centers in Virginia with Delaware and North Carolina in the bulls eye as well. 2 PLANES fell out of the sky in NC this past week and dead birds were found in Virginia

These swirls have been in roughly the same pattern for the past week. Initially the month started off with a CME and then even an interplanetary shock wave. Three filament eruption and over the limb xflare with many other explosive eruptions not completely recorded. On Feb 12, 14 and 15 solar flares occured that seemed to PEAK out UV readings at ground level all across the world in the “sweet spot” weather stations mentioned in previous posts. L

Looking at the UV readings from each location over the course of the month it is clear to see how each spaceweather event influenced the UV readings by the way their waves look. You can also see a huge gap from temperature to dewpoint levels that also seem to have a mirrored look to wave patterns recorded by satelites of solar emissions. It will be interesting to compare all of this data to see if formulas can evolve!

Today the sun was very intense. Look

Look how much change in just a short period!

The fluctuations in UV can really be felt and since we do not feel UV but the infrared light that gives us a burning sensation it is truly a remarkable witness to be experiencing “a brighter than normal sun”

While cloud coverage remains clear the sun does have the effect of feeling more intense and less intense, brighter and blinding and then less offensive and pleasant.

What other wavelengths of rays and heat are coming through from these solar flares and CME? How would anyone know if harmful rays were getting through if nobody believes it could be possible. Everything on the web says that Spaceweather shouldn’t increase UV at ground level but I keep finding more and more evidence that it is!

Today’s pattern had three different spirals touching around Norfolk Virginia and zooming in on localized area I found a northern wind station in the middle of all varying wind stations at Morehead City (I will include yesterday’s readings as well) yesterday it seemed something bleeped out the sensors and when you look at the temperature and dewpoint levels and how they separate from each other it really is a bizarre phenomena when thinking about what would happen if space weather was to hit ground level unfiltered or “lightly filtered” in select areas.

Could these “sweet spot” stations… I call them my lollipops because their wind direction sticks out like an upside down lollipop amongst all the other stations that have different angles. Those are the stations I find tend to have UV PEAKS and UV fluctuations that resemble the spaceweather waves.

Three winds coming out of a centered area
While the reading does not show #uvpeaks it has the same disturbances in wind direction, UV and solar abnormalities and a strange departure from dewpoint to rapid increase of temperature

There could be another reason why the patterns resemble what they do but basically if we learn how to predict where the beams from solar emissions hit the Earth most intensely, we may be able to protect those areas in the future when even more severe space weather events are eminent.

Also to add validity of the theory small holes are allowing UV from solar radiation emissions from spaceweather events as true. (Very hard to find Amy information because the “disappearance” of the arctic ozone hole is all Google wants you to think, but it probably didn’t go away just spread itself out across the globe. Check this!


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